Netflix Goes All in on Game Adaptations, Emphasizing More Immersive Experiences

by in Entertainment | May, 25th 2021

When discussing Netflix originals, a consensus is that the content produced by Netflix is either hit or miss, with barely any in between. However, Netflix seemingly has been doing well with their adaptations of video game works. Their anime series about Castlevania was considered one of the best adaptations of the game. It’s more akin to the books rather than the games the series is most known for. With their new Resident Evil anime show coming in June, a live-action Assassin’s Creed show, as well as The Cuphead Show! coming sometime this year, many agree that Netflix has been doing well in making shows and films based on intellectual properties that started on console and PC.

Netflix seems to agree with their fans’ opinions, as they’ve been bringing more adaptations into their ranks, such as the Dota: Dragon’s Blood anime

Reports have also discussed gaming industry veterans being approached by Netflix to try and recruit them onto their teams. Netflix has been very forthcoming, showing their hand in the world of gaming, with multiple videos talking about their shows, like The Cuphead Show! mentioned above. It sees a mix of old-timey cartoon visuals like the game but still timeless enough for the modern age. While that show has no specific release date, the show arrives on Netflix sometime this year. 

However, while gaming adaptations are still on the way, Netflix has already tried its hand on more immersive experiences. One of them is Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, a film with a character that the viewer could control by choosing between multiple options on the screen. This was also extended upon by Netflix releasing a completed version of Telltale’s Minecraft: Story Mode, which had the viewer play through the game’s animated story the same way as Bandersnatch, effectively making the game feel obsolete by comparison. 

What Could Come of Netflix’s Focus?

Netflix seemingly enjoys making adaptations of games and turning them into shows on the platform. However, one could suspect what could come from their current online endeavors. The shows Netflix has under their belt for adaptations are games such as Resident Evil, Dota 2, Castlevania, The Witcher, and Cuphead. In contrast, they’ve effectively ported Minecraft: Story Mode to the platform as well.

With this information, Netflix may focus on making more adaptations of properties such as Resident Evil. Perhaps Netflix will pick up more grounded and lore-heavy games such as Silent Hill or Metal Gear to be brought into the adaptation lineup judging by Netflix’s current taste in gaming. However, with the announcement of a Sonic show coming from Netflix, something like a Rayman show could also come from Netflix, as they’re currently working on an Assassin’s Creed show. 

Another observation could be made that Netflix would bring some of Telltale’s older stories to the platform. Seeing that Minecraft: Story Mode made the jump, immersive experiences such as Tales from the Borderlands or The Wolf Among Us jump to Netflix sometime soon. However, what is true is that Netflix seems to have a large grasp on gaming adaptations right now, and they’re not planning on stopping anytime soon.


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