Navy Esports Team Resumes Streaming

by in General | Jul, 31st 2020

The U.S. Navy esports team will resume streaming on Twitch, but it seems the focus will be more on outreach and awareness. The U.S. military has been well-known for shady, disgusting recruitment tactics on Twitch, causing AOC to reach out to congress about finding a solution. While that didn’t quite do enough, we can hope that the military will stop being so predatory and try to get kids while they’re young in the future.

Goats & Glory

So with that, the Goats & Glory Navy esports team will resume streaming today (July 31), and again, will look towards outreach and awareness efforts. This pause was because the procedures and policies for the Navy’s (and other military) esports team streaming were genuinely lacking.

“Esports provides a platform for people to engage with Sailors and learn more about their experiences and the opportunities the Navy provides, while sharing a mutual passion for gaming,” said the Navy in a statement on Thursday concerning esports. “Our esports team is modeled more along the lines of other Navy demonstration teams, such as the Blue Angels or Leapfrogs, in that the purpose is to engage with people from all walks of life. If someone wants to ask a question or learn more about the Navy, we can provide those answers in a forum that is authentic and comfortable.”

Rear Admiral Dennis Velez says that Twitch users spent several days “spamming” the Navy’s channel. People were bringing up “issues” reportedly, instead of having conversations. It could have made the young sailors on the esports team uncomfortable. This probably has something to do with Jordan Uhl.

Jordan Uhl is a progressive activist who trolled both the Army and Navy esports teams before they stopped streaming their esports work. Uhl posted a video that showed a sailor banning him from the Twitch channel, after asking about war crime stats. According to him, this is but one of the things Jordan Uhl pointed out: exposing First Amendment violations.

No matter where you stand, being able to speak your mind is relatively important. We do know the Goats & Glory Navy esports team will resume streaming on Twitch. We think it’s interesting that they compare themselves to the Blue Angels, as an example. But will they continue to mute/ban people who ask “the hard questions?”

We’re willing to bet users that spam or troll the chat will see fairly quick bans. We don’t complain about trolls banned in normal streams. What’s the difference here? Perhaps because this stream team is affiliated officially with the military. We should ask the tough questions when the opportunity presents itself.

Where do you stand? Should the military be allowed to recruit on Twitch? Many (including this writer) thinks they shouldn’t even recruit in High Schools, much less on Twitch. But we’re curious to where you stand!


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