NaVi’s S1mple Immortalized As RAID: Shadow Legends Character

by in CS:GO | Nov, 30th 2021

Natus Vincere (NaVi) announced today that Oleksandr “S1mple” Kostyliev will be a new Legendary Champion in RAID: Shadow Legends! On top of that, he’s going to be free for everyone, on the 7th day of gameplay within a two-month period. So everyone can have a unique, awesome Legendary character in RAID: Shadow Legends, and basing it on S1mple is just incredible. When we think CSGO players, more often than not the first name that comes to mind is S1mple. Now, when we think RAID: Shadow Legends, we’re also going to think about the Elven Archer, S1mple.

S1mple Joins RAID: Shadow Legends

NaVi is truly one of the greatest squads in CSGO, end of discussion. S1mple has led them to victory in BLAST Premier: Global Final 2020, Intel Extreme Masters XVI – Cologne, ESL Pro League Season 14, and Intel Grand Slam Season 3. He’s unmatched when it comes to pure precision and skill. To celebrate this, Plarium is bringing the NaVi sharpshooter into RAID: Shadow Legends and S1mple had a hand in the creation.

Sergey Bragilevskiy, Director of Growth at Plarium spoke of the announcement:

e are thrilled to have one of the greatest CS:GO players of all time become his own Legendary Champion in RAID shadow legends. We spent significant time with S1mple to determine how he envisions himself in the world of RAID and we cannot wait for fans to get a chance to add him to their roster.”

S1mple will be a High Elf Champion, a Legendary rarity, and will join the 500+ unique champions across the various factions in the game. It’s also worth noting he’s going to have one of the best sharpshooting skills in the game. He will be usable in all modes, and the partnership is part of a larger collaboration between RAID: Shadow Legends and NaVi, that began back in January 2021. At that time, RAID: Shadow Legends became a sponsor on the NaVi jersey.

The man himself, S1mple had this to say about becoming a Legendary Champion in RAID:

“It’s been an incredible experience seeing myself become a RAID: Shadow Legends champion, especially one that is built to symbolize my talents in CS:GO. I can’t wait for my fans to get a chance to add this character to their team and always hit their marks!”

How do you acquire S1mple in RAID: Shadow Legends? This kicks off on December 1st, 2021, and all you need to do is play the game! He’s available for free to everyone, after playing for 7 days across two months. It’s a huge move, and it’s incredible to see an esports player making their way into a game, and not just as a skin. We can’t wait to unlock S1mple in RAID.


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