Nate Hill of FaZe Clan Swatted During Fortnite Stream

by in Entertainment | Feb, 25th 2021

Big streamers being swatted is a trend that continues on, and FaZe’s Nate Hill is the latest victim of it. It’s terrible, and it has cost people their lives, all over something petty like an online game. We’ve already reported on at least one swatting this year, with TSM’s ImperialHal getting swatted too. Swatting isn’t new, either. It’s gone on for years, where someone sends a fake police report about a streamer. It has to be something dangerous enough to warrant a SWAT team (so a kidnapping, violence, guns, drugs, et cetera). A misleading call is sent to 911 so that the police have no choice but to show up.

Third In Three Months

This kind of behavior is horrifying and dangerous. It began as bomb threats/hoaxes, and have evolved (if you want to call it evolution) into this. In Nate Hill’s most recent stream, he was interrupted by his roommate, informing him the police had arrived and he had to leave his room. Tfue, ImperialHal, and now Nate Hill of FaZe has been swatted in just this past three months. However, Hill quickly gets up and responds, and the problem was resolved quickly enough.

In the clip on Twitch, you can clearly hear Nate Hill’s roommate say the police are there, and the two suggest that they have just been swatted. He gets up, right after being eliminated in Fortnite, and that’s the end of the clip.

People who do swat can be caught though. The police have the power to trace people’s IPs and numbers, and it’s a very serious crime. I don’t care how mad you are at someone in an online game, or how jealous you are of someone else’s success, this is not the way to go about solving the issue. So many big names have been swatted over the last few months, and there’s no telling why. I’m just grateful everyone’s okay, and doors weren’t battered down, guns drawn on Nate.


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