Nakkiel Dropped by Panda Global Amid Sexual Allegations

by in Fighting Game News | Aug, 5th 2020

We’re back with some sobering news, this time about Derek “Nakkiel” Bruscas, and the sexual assault allegations that were made about him. The pro fighting game player is no longer affiliated with Panda Global, as of this morning. He’s well-known in the fighting game scene as the only North American player to Top-8 BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma during EVO 2014. A skilled player, but if the allegations are true, a horrific person.

We can no longer locate his Twitlonger, where he did not necessarily deny the accusations made about him. Perhaps it was deleted to attempt to save face. We’ll tell you what we know about the situation, and what it means. We’re glad Panda Global made this decision, and with the speed at which they did it.

You can read their statement here.

Safety in Anonymity

Some less enlightened people on the internet feel it’s unfair that Nakkiel was “canceled by 3 fresh accounts that were made this month and last month respectively” with these allegations. Do you know why people who have been sexual assault victims prefer to disclose anonymously? Because nobody likes thousands of death threats from salty fans who think their hero can do no wrong.

Why did they kick him without “official, confirmed proof”? Because as a global brand, and a relative newcomer no less, you don’t want to be affiliated with someone who has these kinds of allegations. If for some reason, he’s proven to be innocent, maybe they would take him back. But it’s certainly understandable that they would like to distance the brand from that kind of PR.

The original and latest Twitlonger came from an anonymous person, known as Amandageddon (through a burner account). Her allegations state that she started dating Nakkiel back in 2006, but kept silent about the situation. She hoped she would be the only one who suffered, which does not seem to be the case.

Amandageddon alleges that within a year this relationship became toxic, with physical, sexual and verbal abuse being a part of her daily life. The Twitlonger’s details are harrowing, so we warn you before clicking this link.

This is just part of the allegations made about Nakkiel:

“It was his job to correct my “bad behavior”; grievous crimes such as making dinner late, being at my job so long that the house became untidy, being too tired for sex or not maintaining my appearance — he controlled everything. I got used to using copious amounts of makeup to cover bruises on my face, strangulation marks and fingerprints along my arms. It became normal for him to sexually assault me after a fight — it wasn’t enough that he would scream at me for hours and resort to hitting at the slightest hint of defiance.”

The accuser isn’t asking to cancel him, or arrest him. She just wanted people to know about her struggle, and that Nakkiel is definitely not a hero. One of the most important takeaways is that “No means no”. It doesn’t matter if you’re dating or have been married for 20 years. No always means no. She’s not the only person to come out about Nakkiel’s actions.

Allegations Against Nakkiel Receive Further Backing

LUEshi discussed on Twitter how Nakkiel’s girlfriend had to work two jobs so he could pursue esports. She was cheated on, mocked by Nakkiel, and he fled after accusations were made. People of course defend Nakkiel because that’s always the case when someone in the esports scene is accused. Another party who has chosen to not remain anonymous is Corimon, who submitted quite a few statements and thoughts on the situation in a Twitlonger.

Perhaps the most important statement that comes from Corimon is this:

“People will continue to sit there and say, “where’s the proof?” but those people are exactly why the #MeToo movement exists. It took Jisu fighting so long with minimal “proof” to make Zero admit all of his lies and harassment. She received death threats and continues to do so for “ruining” their favorite top player. This is why people are continuously scared to speak up.”

This. One hundred percent this. We need to believe the people who are coming out, even if it’s years later. It is intensely hard to come forward about someone who sexually assaulted you. It’s important to stand up and do what’s right after you’ve been a monster to many. Running away isn’t the answer.

The allegations against Nakkiel do not read like someone who is trying to get revenge, or someone making up allegations to ruin someone’s life. She didn’t demand retribution or anything of the sort. It’s clearly a woman who is hurt, who has had their life torn apart by someone very popular in the FGC. It’s hard enough to do with anonymity because there will always be someone digging to find dirt about her either way. It would be a thousand times harder to stand up and say something publicly.  Names weren’t named, just that she was hurt in a very real way.

Panda Global did the right thing here, and we can only hope that Nakkiel does the same if these allegations are true.


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