Nairo Denies CaptainZack’s Sexual Misconduct Allegations

by in Fighting Game News | Oct, 29th 2020

Smash pro Nairoby “Nairo” Quezada has given his response to allegations levied against him by Zack “CaptainZack” Lauth, in which the latter accused him of having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a minor, in addition to paying hush money for the story to never come to light. 

Now, Nairo’s response has flipped the script on CaptainZack, instead alleging that he was raped by the Bayonetta main, and that he was never interested in him in that way. Many in the community were quick to believe Zack’s claims and feared that they were correct given how long it took for Nairo to respond publicly. He’s now broken that silence. 

Nairo Claims He Was Raped by Captainzack

“I’m so sorry for how long this took,” Nairo said of his delayed response. “I’ve had an attorney retained since July 2020 and am planning to take legal action. I have a 30-page document detailing the full timeline with evidence, but due to legalities and because I’m saving it for court, I can’t post it publicly nor address everything here (such as naming names). However, I wanted to address the most important parts.”

He goes on to immediately disavow any claims made by CaptainZack, including indications that he wanted to be in a relationship with the young Smasher. Indeed, the idea of it and the fact that the community pushed him aside so readily were what caused him to withdraw from the community, according to Nairo, and make a vague apology that “wasn’t written by him.”

“Zack’s allegations are all completely false,” Nairo said. “When it came out and I saw how everyone threw me aside so quickly, everything I’d been repressing broke me. If my friends weren’t willing to hear out my side, why would anyone else? In my panicked, emotional state, I just gave up, told a friend to write a vague apology, and posted it. The truth is I was never in a relationship with Zack nor was I ever interested in him.”

Nairo’s post goes on to detail the incidents directly referenced by Zack in his and others’ Twitlongers, and elaborates on previously unknown details. Nairo alleges that all of the incidents were incited by CaptainZack and not wanted by Nairo at all. 

But What About the Hush Money?

Most importantly, regarding hush money, Nairo felt the need to comply with Zack’s wishes because he had just seen proof that CaptainZack would “out” people like Ally

“On August 13th, 2019, after Zack’s sponsor dropped him, Zack asked me for money. I was resistant to the idea, but he asked again later via text,” Nairo explained. “His insistence, combined with how I’d just seen proof that Zack had blackmailed Ally and how he blackmailed me two years prior, meant to me that the only option I had was to comply. There were only three payments, all at Zack’s request: $2000 on August 13th, 2019, $275 on January 13th, 2020, and $350 on February 24th, 2020. I never told him to ‘do his part by staying quiet’. Zack has confessed that the ‘hush money’ story was false in a follow-up Twitlonger by Tamim.”

After the story broke and Nairo remained silent and saw the community reaction, the smasher says that he has been seeking help from therapists who explained that he had been raped by CaptainZack, and that he had no idea what male abuse looked like. 

“The cold, hard truth was that Zack had raped me and blackmailed me with that this entire time because I didn’t understand what happened to me,” Nairo continued.  “I never imagined I could be a victim of rape and never even thought of what sexual assault looked like to a male victim. I was encouraged to seek therapy and currently, I have two therapists that I have been with for months. They, as professionals, taught me much about sexual assault and reaffirmed that what happened to me was rape. They told me that freezing up and feeling powerless is a common reaction among victims and that survivors of sexual assault can go months and even years without fully understanding what happened to them. Most importantly, they told me that my rape was not my fault.”

Nairo has since retired from the Smash community due to the allegations and was dropped from NRG Esports over them as well. The matter is seemingly headed to court to be settled, but Nairo did have some parting words for the Smash community in his response, where he seemingly hopes that his legacy hasn’t forever been tainted by this scandal with CaptainZack. In the post, Nairo says that he has been dealing with thoughts of suicide as a result of the scandal, but has decided against that path. He does, however, go on to say that his situation feels “unjust.”

“The Nairo everyone saw and talked with on stream or at tournaments was honestly the real me,” Nairo concluded. “I have never abused my position and power to hurt others. I loved nothing more than bringing a smile to people’s faces through my streams, no matter what they were going through, and giving back to the community. I honestly felt that making other people happy was my purpose in life. I have lost all of that: my friends, my team, my ability to compete, my Twitch stream, my future. I lost my entire life to these horrible lies and thought of ending it all, but I’m now glad I didn’t continue to go down that path. To my closest friends who stuck by me and to the few people who reached out to me, you have no idea how grateful I am to you. You are the reason I am still here today.”

Nairo closes his response by stating that if CaptainZack or other parties in the Smash community continue to try and escalate this situation, his lawyer will be handling it while he continues to attend therapy. He will not likely be returning to active Smash play, even when tournaments resume and if he is exonerated, as he stated “ I have realized I need to heal and that must be away from the place I once called home.”


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