Nadeshot Shuts Down 100 Thieves Call of Duty League Team Rumor for Now

by in Call of Duty | Oct, 2nd 2020

A shocking event occurred this week in which we found that Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez has reportedly made a deal to get back the OpTic Gaming brand, despite leaving the organization in the past. This surprising move quickly led to players speculating about an LA Thieves Call of Duty team.

H3CZ Now Has Ownership of Two Call of Duty League Teams

This week, it all began with Rodriguez supposedly re-purchasing the OpTic Gaming brand that he made what it is today. The split between the two was an unfortunate event that happened. It led to him going to be part of the Chicago Huntsmen team for the inaugural Call of Duty League season.

This was the basis of why many fans in the Call of Duty League community would call the OpTic Gaming LA team the “fake OpTic,” though the team did improve quite a bit by the end of the playoffs and normal season. With Rodriguez buying OpTic back, though, this causes some major issues.

Part of the agreements with the league (and in general fairness), it wouldn’t be right for H3CZ to suddenly have ownership of not one but two teams in the Call of Duty League. Suddenly, he would profit and benefit from two teams and have an unfair advantage over the others.

This would bring a ton of conflicts of interests and other issues that won’t happen in the next season of the Call of Duty League. As such, it stands to reason that he won’t give up the Chicago Huntsmen team either that did so well this season, placing third in the postseason.

Another Organization Will Likely Take Over OpTic Gaming LA

That is why it is more likely that he will give up the OpTic Gaming LA team that he now owns once again since they didn’t do as good as the Chicago Huntsmen. While the return of OpTic to H3CZ is a welcome and exciting change, it does bring up some issues with the Los Angeles-based Call of Duty team.

If Rodriguez does indeed relinquish the OpTic Gaming LA team and not the Chicago Huntsmen as we expect, this would leave the Los Angeles-based team in a sort of identity crisis (perhaps again, depending on who you ask). It wouldn’t likely be able to keep the OpTic name in the next season.

Since this would make the LA team free to do whatever it wants, it will ultimately need a new organization to manage and run the team. This quickly led many in the community to speculate about what organizations could step in and take over OpTic Gaming LA for the 2021 season.

It didn’t take long for some in the community to bring up the LA Thieves Call of Duty League team name. Some suggest that the popular 100 Thieves esports brand should take over the potentially soon to be former OpTic Gaming LA team and rebrand it as such.

Fans Want an LA Thieves Team

The LA Thieves team name has a nice ring to it and certainly would make a lot of sense given 100 Thieves’ past with the Call of Duty series. There are even pro players in the league currently spreading the idea of an LA Thieves Call of Duty League team. It is quite appealing.

However, it does look like it is nothing more than a pipe dream for now. 100 Thieves CEO Nadeshot was streaming on Twitch recently (clip shared via Tepo from Dexerto) and commented on the CDL matter. While he noted that the idea sounds nice, it is not something that can happen right now.

Given the expensive nature of taking over a Call of Duty League team, it seems that 100 Thieves isn’t ready to make that sort of massive investment at this time. Nadeshot did hint that we could see a return for him and the brand to Call of Duty “down the road,” but that seems fairly far away for now.

While this might not be the news that fans of the rumored LA Thieves name are hoping for, it seems that this is the case at this time. Call of Duty League teams in the inaugural season were about $25 million per slot, so we expect any deal with the OpTic Gaming LA team to be about that much.

What Else Could Happen to OpTic Gaming LA?

OpTic didn’t have a lot of time to pay off the slot deal before this happened, so we expect the purchase price for a new organization to be around that number, which is a lot to consider on short notice. Fortunately, we do not doubt that a new group will come in and take over the team.

As far as we know, for now, there will not be any brand new teams added to the Call of Duty League in the second season, despite the interest from various groups. Rise Nation is one particular group that would like to be the next Call of Duty League team, so they are a possibility, but there are others, too.

We have heard that several organizations were interested in a Call of Duty League team in the 2021 season, so there should be no shortage of people looking to sweep up the OpTic Gaming LA brand. Presumably, this would come with the players on the team itself.

That should be especially appealing to esports organizations since the OpTic Gaming LA had a solid finish tied for fifth in the postseason. Their 2021 season roster could end up even better soon. They currently have Kuavo, SlasheR, TJHaLy, and Drazah, who made up the bulk of their final roster in the 2020 season, but we could see someone else join the team before the new season starts.


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