Nadeshot Rages About Hackers in Call of Duty Black Ops 2

by in Call of Duty | Sep, 9th 2020

Nadeshot recently took us back in time to Call of Duty Black Ops to hype the forthcoming Cold War, along with The Mob and Team Summertime. The hope was to do something fun and enjoyable. However, like all things in online gaming these days, it is spoiled by hackers and jerks.

Hours Before Cold War Multiplayer Reveal, Nadeshot Explodes

Quite frankly, we don’t blame him. One of the things we all tend to do when a new Call of Duty is revealed is to go back to some of the franchise classics. A little nostalgia, to make the hype feel even greater when the new game comes to us. Even the Call of Duty League players have been hosting wagers in some of the older Call of Duty games, just to let off steam and do something fun for once.

Nadeshot teaming up with The Mob and Team Summertime was absolutely ruined. Their goal was to play a few rounds in Black Ops 2, and the players spent days hyping this up to get people to hang out and watch some excellent Call of Duty play. The fun was short-lived, sadly.

It only took minutes for the Black Ops hackers to join in on the matches and ruin things for Nadeshot. Not even Nadeshot could remain calm during this affair. Mako of The Mob was having issues joining the lobby, and his name would vanish from the menu when he succeeded. The culprit was a hacker removing Mako deliberately.

Despite the lobby being private, the Black Ops hacker still got in, enraging and frustrating Nadeshot. “Come on man, how the f**k are people getting in? If you can hear me, brother, can you just let us do this?” He followed with “We’re playing a game that’s even years old, we’re just trying to have some fun.”

We don’t understand it either. Who deliberately goes out of their way to ruin a seven-year-old game? It sounds like it’s just someone who hates someone in the stream, but we won’t speculate. There was nothing that could be done about the hacker, either. Even setting everyone to appear offline in private lobbies, the hacker kept coming back.

What could have been a hilarious, fun stream of old friends talking trash and making awesome plays was soured and ruined, thanks to one person who wanted to make sure nobody else had fun. We frankly don’t understand the point of this. One of the other purposes of this stream was to test a real throwback event, possibly, but it couldn’t be done, thanks to this hacker. All we can do is hope the hacker is caught and punished, but all we can do is be disappointed about one Call of Duty hacker’s poor behavior.


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