Nadeshot Gets 100 Thieves Content Team Verified in Minutes

by in General | Dec, 5th 2019

Verification on Twitter, where the social media company confirms you are who you say you are as a public figure, isn’t the rarest occurrence on the platform nowadays. Still, most people getting it generally make a post expressing their excitement for receiving the little mark next to their accounts.

The process to get verified itself is rather average, too, with most just working with Twitter behind the scenes to confirm their identity.

100 Thieves isn’t average, though, and set up one of, if not the most creative campaign to get several of their content creators verified.

A Challenge for The Mob

In a post on Twitter on Monday, 100 Thieves CEO Nadeshot issued a challenge to members of their content creation team, The Mob. The challenge was to get all of them verified if they stayed off social media for 24 hours.

Playful coverage by the team followed the announcement. Their struggles with being off social media for a whole day included jokes about the crew deciding to learn to cook, trying to become psychic, and practicing piano, amongst other things.

The challenge went viral on Twitter, quickly trending across the platform as fans across the world expressed their support for the content creators in their quest to get verified.

The hype was not for nothing either, as shortly after 24 hours went by 100 Thieves confirmed that three of the four members of The Mob had gotten verified.

Verify Avalanche Is Trending!

While there was much cheer and celebration that most of the boys had gotten verified, the excitement quickly turned to sadness at the realization that Avalanche had failed the challenge. Avalanche was the only member not to receive the little checkmark. Nadeshot released a video sadly stating he had no control over him getting verified at this point.

A campaign called #VerifyAvalanche quickly took off across the industry as fans and other esports personalities alike campaigned for Twitter to verify the last member of the squad, quickly pushing the tag all the way to No. 1 trending worldwide.

While many thought the campaign would fail to convince Twitter to verify Avalanche, the effort paid off as late yesterday evening 100 Thieves confirmed that Avalanche had also finally been verified, kicking off another round of celebration and congratulations for the guys.

It’s an incredible story of the community coming around to support some much-beloved content creators. While Twitter was likely already going to verify all of them, the viral campaign was a rather clever attempt to make something usually mundane and turn it into a huge deal.

No matter how you feel about the team, you can’t argue they aren’t rather clever when it comes to PR and content creation, something you don’t see done well for a lot of orgs across the industry.

Congrats to the The Mob for getting verified. Here’s to a bright future for all of you.


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