Nadeshot Calls LA Thieves Throw in Toronto Match “Bad”

by in Call of Duty | Jul, 30th 2021

Nadeshot is a Call of Duty legend, not just for his history in the franchise as a former pro player towards the beginning of the game’s esports scene but also for establishing his franchise in 100 Thieves. However, he was not too happy with the LA Thieves throw recently.

LA Thieves Is the Newest Roster in the CDL in Stage 5

Nadeshot owns the 100 Thieves branding that he created and this, of course, includes the Los Angeles Thieves team in the Call of Duty League. The Thieves are the only “new” team in the 2021 season and, thus, have a bit of growing pains to go through even with a mostly familiar roster. 

That said, the current roster of the LA Thieves with Kenny, SlasheR, Drazah, and John is likely the best that the team has had all year. With that said, it is a relatively new roster with Drazah in a permanent SMG role and John making his long-awaited pro league return after about two years. 

With this being the case, the team is currently going through growing pains as they try to learn how to work together and prepare for the end of the 2021 season. It is a tough time, especially as they enter the current Stage 5 Major

The first match of the Major for the Thieves was up against one of the best teams around, unfortunately, in the Toronto Ultra. But this matchup was at least a further test of how good this roster can be if they can take down or even match the strength of that unbelievably in-sync squad. 

Nadeshot Calls Out the LA Thieves Throw in Toronto Match

Unfortunately, the LA Thieves and Toronto Ultra match did not end in the way many 100 Thieves were hoping for. It did go all the way to a fifth game, but it was an LA Thieves throw, according to many in the community who were disappointed. 

This includes Nadeshot himself, who called the LA Thieves throw “bad” against the Toronto Ultra after the match’s conclusion. This was echoed by some of the fans who expressed complaints about the ending in the comments on his Twitter thread

But there was one player who commented on the Twitter thread and noted that it seemed like Nadeshot was calling his own team “bad” in the process of making this post. This is slightly understandable given the minimal context of the tweet, but it was not the case. 

Nadeshot responded to this tweet, noting that he was not calling the team bad but rather the LA Thieves throw at the end of the match. This bothered the 100 Thieves boss so much that he later tweeted about the situation and his thoughts. 

He further elaborated that someone will not win on LAN if they do not have Search & Destroy on ice and that “every single player” on the team already knows that. Even still, he has not given up hope just yet for the Thieves, as he ended the tweet with an optimistic note of hoping that the roster can bring it back in the losers bracket. 

Breaking Down the Thieves and Ultra Match

Breaking down the supposed LA Thieves throw in the final game of the Toronto Ultra match at the Major; we have to take a step back for a second. At the start of the match, the Thieves looked amazing with a very dominant Hardpoint win on Raid. 

This was followed up by Search and Destroy, a game mode that has notably not been the Thieves’ strong suit, at least with the current and final roster, where they were destroyed six to nothing. At this point, it was clear to me and others that they would likely not win the match in game five SnD. 

Because of this, I thought that the Thieves could win, but they would have to take the two remaining respawn modes: Control and the second Hardpoint. However, Control is Ultra’s game mode as well. They have destroyed there again three to nothing. 

Hardpoint was a little bit more contested this time around on Checkmate, but the Thieves unsurprisingly locked it down. However, I didn’t even have to watch game five (don’t worry, I still did) to know that this would be a win for Toronto in the end. 

How the Game 5 Throw Happened

The Thieves put up a better fight, but this is also where they were criticized for the LA Thieves throw of the match. The result was six to three, which is better than a sweep, for sure, but because the team put up much more fight here, it was likely all the more heartbreaking for fans and Nadeshot. 

The match was pretty close until the eighth round, with the overall player stats arguably favoring the Thieves, but only ever so slightly. A couple of odd plays left the team losing in a round during this round that should have tied up the match and potentially changed the outcome. 

Thieves got first blood and John was able to plant the bomb, but the plant at A took way too long and the Ultra got there just as it finished. This led to some rather hasty challenges on the Thieves’ part that led to their four players to three lead turning almost instantly into just Drazah being alive, who the remaining three Ultra players then took out. 

From there, we went to a ninth and final round where the Thieves once again had first blood, but this time around, it was less of a throw but simply Toronto being the much better Search & Destroy team. They won the match with a game five final score of six to three. 

The road is not over for the Thieves, though, as they will soon face the winner of the Florida and New York match in the bottom bracket. Unfortunately, if their run follows my predictions for the Stage 5 Major, they will be losing that match and be eliminated. 


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