Mythic Items Are Coming to League of Legends in Season 11

by in League of Legends | Sep, 10th 2020

With each new League of Legends season comes a swathe of gigantic changes, usually about preseason time. This is all of the awesome stuff they’ve worked on throughout the year, and what can we look forward to in Season 11? Last year we got all those elemental drakes that were, well, they were different. Season 11 of League of Legends is going to be focused on shop and item changes, including Mythic Items! This was announced initially back in August, but now it’s time to get a better look! While we wait on Seraphine to show up, we can peek at the future!

What Awaits Us With Mythic Items in Season 11?

Mythic Items were revealed as a part of Season 11 in League of Legends in the latest iteration of Riot Pls. This came to us via Jessica “Safelocked” Nam, who went into greater detail on what we can expect with these powerful new items. 

So what are Mythic Items? These are incredibly powerful items coming to League of Legends that will help define your role on the team in a greater way. Safelocked had this to say:

“Mythic items are the cornerstones in your builds with big effects that define your playstyle from game to game. Each Mythic also grants unique bonus stats to your other completed items,” she went on to say “You can only unlock one Mythic item at a time so you’ll have to make careful choices when deciding which one to build in-game.”

Sounds like if you regret the choice, you can sell and replace it, but that would be a terrible idea in a game. It’s also important to note, which was revealed by Mark Yetter (Riot developer) that not all of these Mythic Items will be new. Some will be older, iconic items that upgraded into Mythics. That way, you can still buy the original item, and then upgrade it to the Mythic version later in the game. 

Somethings New and Somethings Old

Want a peek at some of the new Mythic Items coming in Season 11 of League of Legends? Mark Yetter showed off three current WIP Mythics for Marksmen. You know, the second most important role, next to Support (not that this writer is in any way biased):

  • Crimson Shieldbow (3400 Gold): +50 Attack Damage,  +15% Attack Speed, +20% Critical Strike Chance, +12% Life Steal. When you take damage that would reduce you below 30% Health, gain a 150-500 health shield for 3 seconds and 20% increased lifesteal for 8 seconds. Mythic Passive: Empowers other Legendary Items with +8 Armor and Magic Resist.
  • Behemoth SLayer (3400 Gold): +60 Attack Damage, +25% Attack Speed, +20% Critical Strike Chance. Every third attack deals 80-240 (+30% bonus AD) additional true damage. Mythic Passive: Empowers other LEgendary Items with +5% Critical Strike Damage.
  • Galeforce (3400 Gold): +60 Attack Damage, +15% Attack Speed, +20% Critical Strike Chance. Active: dash a short distance (cannot cross walls) and deal 105-240 (+30% bonus AD) magic damage to a lowest health nearby enemy. Damage increases with enemy missing health. Mythic Passive: Empowers other LEgendary Items with + 2% Movement Speed.

Honestly, this writer’s favorite one so far is Behemoth Slayer. True Damage is never a bad thing, but we have a feeling they will lean more towards certain champions/playstyles, so you’ll have to pick the right one for the right situation. It’s a really cool idea and a sweet reward for the mid-game power spike. It will reward you with extra stats, and really awesome powers that will influence your fights for the rest of the game. 

Whether you want to dash in and steal a kill (Galeforce), or melt someone in a few brutal shots (Behemoth Slayer) with lots of attack speed, or simply want to 1v5 with lots of annoying lifesteal (Crimson Shieldbow), we’re excited to see the rest of these items. The new item shop should be much better, too. In the image, revealed here in the video, it shows a trio of AP Items, Void Staff, Rabadon’s Deathcap, and Zhonya’s  Hourglass. It also shows what they do (Magic Pen, AP Amp, Defense), and more importantly, who they are good against. That’s a great idea. You aren’t always going to remember the perfect item for a situation/comp, and that will help.

Where do you stand on the new items so far? “Too OP, will be nerfed first patch?” or “Eh, doesn’t sound worth it?” We’re curious where you stand on this change!


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