Top 16 Players From Mythic Championship Qualifiers Get Invite to Mythic Championship V

by in General | Aug, 20th 2019

Wizards of the Coast hosted the Mythic Championship Qualifiers this past weekend through the digital version of the card game Magic: The Gathering Arena. Players had the chance to compete for a potential invite to the upcoming Mythic Championship V later this fall.

Mythic Championship Qualifiers Details

Players competed in the game this past weekend for two days, narrowing down to just 16 players at the top. Those players were the ones who received an invite to the upcoming Mythic Championship V where they could secure their claim as one of the best players in the world.

The tournament began a couple of days ago in MTG Arena with 1,000 players in total who were among the best ranked players in the game. This was a great opportunity for those players who aren’t pro players currently but want the chance to showcase their skills on a world stage.

On day one of the Mythic Championship Qualifiers, the 1,000 players competed against one another in matches until there were only 128 players remaining. Those players could move onto day two of the competition where they competed in seven rounds of Swiss matches.

Players were then ranked in the tournament based on how well they did in those seven matches. From there, the top 16 players would be the ones who would emerge victorious and receive an invite to the upcoming Mythic Championship V event.

Top 16 Players From Mythic Championship Qualifiers

You can find all the top 16 players who received an invite as well as their respective decks used below:

  • Kavartech: Mono green
  • Vearato: Orzhov Vampires
  • Swifth: Bant Scapeshift
  • John1111: Orzhov Vampires
  • Honey: Four-Colored Legends
  • Kbzx: Orzhov Vampires
  • EasyMac: Orzhov Vampires
  • StanCifka: Four-Colored Legends
  • Coraiola: Orzhov Vampires
  • PDG: Bant Scapeshift
  • Enoo: Feather
  • InquisitoR: Feather
  • MTGIncomitatus: Bant Scapeshift
  • DarkMonaldson: Feather
  • Sebationpozzo: Bant Scapeshift
  • Edmvyrus: Feather

StanCifka Makes His Triumphant Return

Those 16 players will be competing in the championship coming up in a couple of months. One notable payer from among that group is StanCifka whom fans of the card games esports scene might remember. He is one player who has been a notable competitor in several card battling games.

StanCifka has been a major pro player for well over a decade in Magic before switching over to Hearthstone for quite a while. The Czech player did well in some Pro Tour events and Grand Prix tournaments in previous years. He even helped the Czech National Team win first place in the 2017 Hearthstone Global Games.

For the most part, though, he has been absent for the last several years in MTG until now. With his placement among the top 16 with his Four-Colored Legends deck, he is set to make his Magic esports return with the Mythic Championship V later this year.

Mythic Championship V Date and Details

Time will tell how well he will do in the competition as he is going to be up against a mix of pro players and other challengers who will be all vying for a share of the massive $750,000 prize pool and an invite to the World Championships this December.

The Mythic Championship V Tournament will be happening October 18 through October 20, 2019. Be sure to stay tuned right here for the full recap of the major tournament including who the winner will be.


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