Myth & Ninja Are Allowed to Stream Valorant First Strike, Why?

by in Entertainment | Dec, 2nd 2020

The Valorant First Strike series is some of the most intense esports on the planet, and it’s a must-watch event for the scene. One of the best parts about esports is about watching and talking about the action with your friends, but that isn’t so easy in a big Riot Games chat. Fans have learned only two streamers are allowed that privilege – Myth, and Ninja. The result as you can probably imagine is fury and anger.

“Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing”

Only allowing two streamers the ability to co-stream something is one thing, but the choices are also fairly suspect. Sure, Myth is a huge name, but he’s also linked to Team SoloMid. Having a TSM name like Myth being one of the two picks almost smacks of favoritism. The other professional Valorant teams don’t have access to co-streaming the event for their audience, but TSM does!

This announcement was confirmed by Dextero by Riot Games, and the only streamers allowed to host First Strike in Valorant are Myth and Ninja. We’ve got the end of the First Strike events (for now) coming up, so why allow that privilege to only be had by a few streamers? On one hand, we can understand. You want to have as many people in your chat as possible, to determine how popular Valorant is. It’s very hard to chat with your friends in a big stream like that. 

Sure, Tyler “Ninja” Bevins and Ali “Myth” Kabbani are huge names on Twitch, there’s no debating that. Ninja’s not exactly known for being a Valorant pro or even a content creator. He’s been trying to get into Valorant over the last few months, but he doesn’t have the same credentials in the game that other creators do. Myth in general is just a huge name, but I feel like they could have picked someone that isn’t bound to an esports org like he is. 

What this means is that no streamers other than Myth or Ninja will have Valorant First Strike content going live as it’s happening. Did you want to watch with just your closest friends and talk in chat? Not going to happen now! If you want to watch it, you’ll go to one of those two streamers or the main Valorant Twitch. 

A lot of talk has been to instead give this opportunity to someone who would do well with it, like say, Plat Chat. Hosted by the Overwatch League’s Josh ‘Sideshow’ Wilkinson, he’s a valuable source of entertainment and knowledge of Valorant. Of course, this kind of polarizing announcement means we can look to Reddit for some serious takes. 

AnOldMonkonDMT on Reddit had this to say:

“Myth does a great job and is very entertaining for tsm fans, but for me his preference for tsm makes it not fun to watch. Ninja to my knowledge has not done any co streams before so who know what that will be like. But for a lot of people like me, ninja has a very polarizing personality that I’m not a fan of.”

Let up-and-Comers Co-Stream

Not everyone is furious though. Some people like Goldenboy simply suggested letting Sideshow co-stream alongside Myth and Ninja. We’re not saying Myth or Ninja is by any means bad, at Valorant or otherwise. We simply don’t think it’s very fair to only let two people have such a huge opportunity. These are not streamers that are in desperate need of growing their audience. Neither of them are in need of this exclusivity. If anyone could get the opportunity to show what they know and hype people up for Valorant, it should be people popular in the Valorant competitive scene.

We also understand that limiting co-streaming isn’t too uncommon in esports, to keep the majority of your audience in one place. You, as a streamer, can go online and talk about the esports going on, but you can’t show gameplay, that’s where the contention is. The fact that two streamers get that opportunity and nobody else does is a really interesting move. This came out of nowhere too, and we can’t help but wonder if it’s some kind of marketing move. 

Ninja’s a very divisive figure to boot. He’s a wildly successful and popular streamer, but he is pretty divisive/polarizing to a lot of viewers. We would much rather the co-streamers, if it happens at all, be someone in the community that will bring to light exactly how intense this action is, without any kind of bias. Or at least, let the teams co-stream to their fans. It’s a truly strange move by Riot Games, but not one we hope becomes the norm.


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