Multiple LCS Players Test Positive for COVID

by in League of Legends | Jan, 13th 2021

According to a report from Inven Global, multiple LCS players (namely ones from Counter Logic Gaming) have contracted COVID-19. This, frankly speaking, is absolutely dreadful information in and of itself, but the fact that it’s happening mere days before the start of the first-ever LCS Lock-In makes it all the more depressing. Add on the fact that neither Finn “Finn” Wiestål nor Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen have had their visas approved at the time of this writing.

As one Redditor (and unfortunate CLG fan) so eloquently put it: “when it rains, it pours.”

Just when we thought CLG was going to catch a break (no matter how small or insignificant in the grand scheme of things), they ended up having to deal with both COVID-19 and visa issues. Talk about a bad start to the season! At least they’ve found replacements in time — a small triumph in an otherwise horrible set of circumstances. Colin “Solo” Earnest (former Echo Fox and FlyQuest top laner) and Raymond “Griffin” Griffin (formerly known as Wiggily) will now compete under the CLG banner until this age-old organization can get Finn and Broxah over to Los Angeles.

Now, while both players are bound to eventually land in LA, there are still no guarantees as to when that’ll happen. To make matters even worse, no one’s expecting both players to join CLG at the same time, which means that an even bigger “disaster” might be in the cards — CLG could very well meet the same fate as Team Liquid did back in 2020 Spring. Of course, this is the worst-case scenario. We can only hope that things don’t develop in such a direction.

In any case, if you’re a CLG League of Legends fan, you’d be wise to temper your expectations.

Not An Isolated Case

According to Travis Gafford, certain of Dignitas’ LCS players have contracted COVID-19 as well. At the time of this writing, it’s still unknown which players have had such misfortune and whether or not they’ll be fit to perform in the first-ever LCS Lock-In tournament that’s scheduled to begin on January 15. Furthermore, the fact that the pandemic seeped into the LCS bubble could prove quite problematic for everyone involved. It’s definitely not the start of the season many of us hoped for.

For a brief moment in time, it seemed like everything was going “according to plan.” LCS fans finally had something to get excited about — namely a league-wide rebrand and a brand-new format but, as is always the case in life, you can’t have the good without the bad. Hopefully this doesn’t spiral out of control.

Esports Talk wishes a speedy recovery to everyone affected by this unfortunate series of events.


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