Everything You Need to Know About the MTG Arena Throne of Eldraine Streamer Event

by in Magic: The Gathering Arena | Sep, 23rd 2019

With the launch of the Magic: The Gathering new card set Throne of Eldraine happening this week, Wizards of the Coast is gearing up for the launch with a ton of events, news, and more surrounding it. Part of this includes a new event that players and the community will want to check out.

Wizards of the Coast formally announced the MTG Arena Throne of Eldraine streamer event that is happening later this week and will be offering players the chance to see many of the new cards from the upcoming fall set in action. If you’re looking for a teaser of the new Standard, this is for you.

How and When to Watch the Throne of Eldraine Early Access Event

First and foremost, you are going to want to know how and when to watch the entire event. The MTG Arena Throne of Eldraine streamer event will be streamed live on Twitch around the world so that anyone is looking to check it out can watch all of the action as it happens live.

The MTG Arena Throne of Eldraine streamer event will begin live on Tuesday, September 24, 2019 at 8 am PT. Tomorrow, streamers that you know and love will begin showing off the new set in an early access event. You’ll get to see some of the top players and streamers compete in early access matches.

The MTG Arena Throne of Eldraine streamer event will be coming to a close around a day later at 6 am PT on Wednesday, September 25. It is only sticking around for about a day so you’ll want to be sure to keep an eye for your favorite streamer so you don’t miss any of the action.

How the Early Access Streamer Event Will Work

How it will work is that various content producers and streamers will be showing off the early access reveal of the fall expansion around the clock with each streamer doing different times. You’ll be able to see them using the cards live on their respective Twitch channels so check there for more info on each individual stream schedule and so on.

This is the place to be this week as the early access event will shed some light on the state of the Standard rotation with the release of this new expansion and how the cards shake up in battle. We’ve had spoiler after spoiler for the last couple of weeks now and, with this, you’ll be able to see how they play.

There are a lot of great cards in this upcoming set that we can already begin to see how players and pros will be using them when the fall expansion drops. On the other hand, though, there are a lot of cards that seem mediocre or confusing, and will require some direct gameplay to see how they pan out.

The streamers will have access to the Standard Constructed modes or Limited Sealed during the early access event. You’ll see them participate in those particular match formats so don’t expect to see how Commander or Brawl, as it is known in the digital game, plays with the new set.

However, if you are too excited for all of the action and want to see it earlier than that, there are many streamers who are already building their decks ahead of the MTG Arena Throne of Eldraine streamer event. Some of them are even trying to get their community to get involved and help with everything as well.

We don’t have the full list yet of who all is going to be participating but expect players from around the world since the event is lasting for a full 22 hours. There will likely be players from different time zones competing in the early access period around the clock.

Who You Should Watch During the Event

Of course, if you’re wondering who to watch during the early access event, we recommend checking out your favorite personalities to see if they are participating. But if you aren’t big on watching streamers and just want to see the brand new cards and how they play, we have some recommendations for you.

First up is Amazonian who is an impressive player who is both good at the game and knows what she’s doing. In addition, she is friendly and welcoming to both her regular fans and newcomers alike so feel free to show up just for this event even if you haven’t watched her streams before.

Another great one is Stanislavsky “Stancifka” Cifka who isn’t always streaming but that’s because he has a rather healthy professional career playing competitively. As such, this is someone you can rely on to provide some insight into what this new card set is going to be all about.

This list of recommended streamers wouldn’t be complete without none other than the most popular streamer when it comes to MTG Arena and that is Kacem “Noxious” Khilaji. Noxious is ranking with the best everyday on Twitch and you can expect him to bring the heat and fun during early access.

Another very popular streamer is Gaby Sparks who knows the game very well. She is also know for being an extremely friendly and helpful person, having fun and interacting well with her chat. If you have a lot of questions about the set, this is one streamer who is responsive and kind.

Last but not least, the final streamer that we recommend that you check out is Reid “reiderrabit” Duke. Duke is a notable name in the business right now for the fact that he made waves as the latest person to join the Hall of Fame this year. He showed up on nearly all of the voting ballots at more than 90 percent.

Not only that but he made history as the first person ever to join the Hall of Fame alone with no one else alongside him. With so much of the spotlight on Duke right now, it would be a great idea to check him out during the early access event and see what his expertise has to say about all of the new cards.

Regardless of who decide to you check out, you’re in for a good and educational time with the MTG Arena Throne of Eldraine streamer event. You can check out all of the early card and meta game action as it unfolds for a day or so, starting tomorrow at 8 am PT where it will run until Wednesday at 6 am PT. Stay tuned for more info regarding the upcoming card set here.


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