MTG Throne of Eldraine Spoilers Continue With Witch’s Oven, Food Combos, More

By Cody Perez

September 9, 2019


mtg throne of eldraine spoilers

Just when you thought the spoilers would slow down, Wizards of the Coast is not letting up one bit as time goes on. The Magic: The Gathering fall expansion Throne of Eldraine is making its way to digital platforms and physical card shops near you in less than a month with plenty of spoilers to keep you excited while we wait!

Once September began, Wizards of the Coast started its onslaught of spoilers for the upcoming set with players getting the first look at the cards that will be in the new expansion. So far, we have detailed dozens of cards that are coming in the new set and more.

New Throne of Eldraine Spoilers Reveal Food Combos, More

The crazy part is that the spoilers will be continuing today with even more announcements regarding the new Witch’s Oven card and more. In fact, this set of card reveals bring more details about what exactly the food token mechanic is like and how it could work in the new Standard.

For those who don’t know, many cards have referenced the food token mechanic since the reveals began, including the featured Planeswalker of the whole set Oko, Thief of Crowns. Needless to say, it is going to be one of the biggest new mechanics for the expansion alongside the new Adventure cards.

There are plenty of other new cards like Gilded Goose, Golden Egg, Oko himself, and more that have referenced these food tokens. Before, all we really knew was that the food tokens were artifacts that you would get on your side of the field and would be useful in combination with other cards.

But now we know a whole lot more. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the Witch’s Oven, food tokens, and more.

Throne of Eldraine Spoilers: Bake into a Pie, Food Artifacts Revealed

MTG Throne of Eldraine Food Token Transparent

Before we get too deep into the food combos and more, it is time to see what the actual food token cards are like. After all, there are so many cards in the new set that will do things like summon a food token and so on. But now we know exactly what these food token cards will look like on the field.

There are a couple of art variants for the food token cards from a really nice-looking pie on a wooden table to a full feast of items like a massive boar that has been cooked up and other dishes. Regardless of which art variant you use, though, the effects of the food token cards are exactly the same.

Food is a token artifact card that falls under the, well, food category that is popping up for the first time in Throne of Eldraine. These food tokens all have the same general ability when they are on the field. You can pay two mana and tap the card to sacrifice it and gain three life in return.

Overall, it is honestly not the best way of getting three life in the game currently as there are so many more cost-effective and generally more powerful ways of doing so. But the usefulness of the food tokens come from combinations with other new cards in the fall expansion.

MTG Throne of Eldraine Bake into a Pie Card Transparent

This, of course, includes cards like the other recently revealed new card Bake into a Pie. Bake into a Pie is an instant spell card that is meant for black color decks. It costs four mana to use, two of which must be black mana. What Bake into a Pie does is useful enough on its own but especially useful in a food combo deck.

When you use Bake into a Pie, what it does is allow you to target a creature and destroy it instantly. While that is already pretty awesome on its own, it doesn’t end there. It then turns around and creates a food token in the process that has the standard ability of gaining three life.

Continuing the trend of fairy tales in this new expansion, it is clear that there is something far more sinister underlying the Bake into a Pie card. As you can see in the artwork, there looks to be fingers or a hand sticking it out of it and the card description even hints as some “secret ingredient” inside.

It is obvious that Bake into a Pie destroys a creature, takes it, and then bakes it into a pie that is served on the field fresh as a food token to be consumed in one way or another. Bake into a Pie is a simple but effective card that will likely be a major staple moving forward for black decks.

It allows a player to rid the enemy of a powerful monster on the field and create the opportunity to regain some life in the process or do something even better as we’ll go over in a bit. But those two cards were far from the only card that were revealed with this latest set of spoilers.

Throne of Eldraine Spoilers: Witch’s Oven

MTG Throne of Eldraine Witch's Oven Card Transparent

Next up is the new Witch’s Oven card that was revealed. Witch’s Oven is a brand new colorless artifact card that you can add to your deck with the release of the new fall expansion Throne of Eldraine. It costs only one mana of your choosing to summon to the field but its use far outweighs the simple cost.

While you have the Witch’s Oven artifact on the field, you are able to tap it once per turn as usual to sacrifice one of your creature cards on the field. Doing this will create a food token for your side of the field. However, if the toughness of the sacrificed creature is four or greater, you will create two tokens instead.

These food token artifact cards will, of course, be the same ones as we detailed earlier. They will be capable of giving you three life each for a total of six life if you are able to sacrifice a creature card with four or more toughness in its stats.

Given that Witch’s Oven is an artifact on your side of the field, you can keep using this card’s ability each turn and creating more and more food token cards. This is especially useful for when you have a full side of the field and want to keep churning out the food tokens for various reasons.

Like, for instance, if you have a creature that you know is going to die on the next turn and want to make it more useful before that happens. All you need to do is sacrifice it and, suddenly, you have more food tokens on your side of the field and it has usefulness beyond the grave.

Or, maybe, you have a creature that is unable to attack or anything like that; the same can be done for it as well. Regardless of the reason that you would want to use Witch’s Oven, there is a lot of depth to this simple but effective artifact card that will be a likely staple in many food combo decks.

Throne of Eldraine Spoilers: Gluttonous Troll

MTG Throne of Eldraine Gluttonous Troll Card Transparent

Another potential staple in this deck is the Gluttonous Troll creature card. It is a hybrid troll creature that has a four mana cost, two of which must be black and green each. It has the stats of three/three and has the trample ability as well to boot.

In addition, Gluttonous Troll has a couple of abilities that tie directly into the food token mechanic and will be useful for green and black decks that heavily feature the mechanic. The first of these abilities is that whenever Gluttonous Troll enters the battlefield, you will create a certain number of food tokens on your side of the field equal to the number of opponents you have.

Now, that is a strange ability description, simply because it is sort of vague in nature. The number of opponents you have is an odd way of wording it so that it could just mean the players that you are up against. At the same time, though, it could be referring to the actual enemy creatures in total on the field.

The reason why it could be referring to the number of opponents you are up against is because of match formats like Commander and others that allow you to battle against more than one opponent so that could be the purpose behind the vague description or it could just be however many enemy creatures are on the field.

Regardless of what the specific description means for Gluttonous Troll, you are likely guaranteed to get at least one food token just for summoning this card. However, the usefulness of Gluttonous Troll doesn’t end there. It has a second ability that gives food tokens another use on the field.

The second ability of Gluttonous Troll is to spend two mana, one of which must be green mana. Doing this will require you to sacrifice another nonland permanent card on the field to give Gluttonous Troll plus two/plus two until the end of the turn.

It is clear that you are meant to bring out the food token artifacts and then sacrifice them each turn to give Gluttonous Troll a nice boost that will make it rather useful in the early to mid game rounds of the match.

This really embodies the nature of this creature card as it is gluttonous so you need to feed it each turn and doing so will reward you with a far more powerful troll. Both the green and black decks will benefit well from Gluttonous Troll so it is worth adding to your team, especially if you have Oko as a Planeswalker in your deck.

How the Food Combos Could Work With Oko, Thief of Crowns

Oko, Thief of Crowns is the featured Planeswalker for the expansion and is a hybrid blue and green color hero. He costs only three mana to summon, with two of those being green and blue, specifically. Oko is the perfect Planeswalker for utilizing the food combo mechanic to its full potential.

His standard plus one loyalty ability allows him to turn a target artifact or creature into a three/three elk creature. You can already see the usefulness of this ability since Oko is able to turn a random food token or any creature that is weaker or not useful into a three/three elk for filling out your field.

At the same time, though, Oko is also able to use his plus two loyalty ability to create a food token on your side of the field. This is awesome for, obviously, creating another three/three elk creature card but it is also great for combining with other cards like Gluttonous Troll.

You are able to easily have a plethora of food tokens available on the field for not just healing yourself but powering up Gluttonous Troll each turn to be a five/five beast. This is impressive on its own before you include other food mechanic cards like Gilded Goose, Golden Egg, and more.

There are likely even more food-related cards that will be revealed in the near future as spoilers are set to continue as we near the release of Throne of Eldraine later this month. The fall expansion is set to release on September 26 digitally via MTG Arena and later on October 4 for the traditional tabletop physical card game.


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