MTG Throne of Eldraine Gives Us the First Look at Faeries With Faerie Vandal, More Spoilers

By Cody Perez

September 9, 2019


throne of eldraine faeries

Wizards of the Coast is continuing its unbelievably epic onslaught of spoiler reveals for the Magic: The Gathering fall expansion Throne of Eldraine. With the release of the expansion less than a month away (no matter if it’s digital or physical), time is ticking as we near the arrival of this game-changing release. Thankfully, we’ve received several bits of information over the past few weeks, including new details on the upcoming Throne of Eldraine faeries!

Wizards of the Coast Reveals the First Throne of Eldraine Faerie Cards Besides Oko

As part of the spoilers for the upcoming card set, we are finally getting details on our first set of Throne of Eldraine faeries besides the featured Planeswalker himself Oko, Thief of Crowns. Oko is part of the fey, or fairy people, and is a shapeshifter who is quite unlike any other Planeswalker to date.

However, he is far from the only fey member to be joining the new cards in this upcoming expansion. This is great, too, since the community initially believed that Throne of Eldraine faeries were going to be the focus of the upcoming expansion.

It was a surprise then when the expansion was revealed to focus on two main themes: fairy tales like Cinderella and The Little Mermaid rather than just that of the faerie creatures as well as knights for the first time in a good while. Today’s announcements include some solid faerie cards that fans of the type should not miss out on.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the new Throne of Eldraine faeries that were part of the most recent set of spoilers for the card game. These include Faerie Vandal, Rankle, Master of Pranks, and many more. You can find the full list of the new cards announced below.

Throne of Eldraine Spoilers: Faerie Vandal


It all starts with the surprisingly useful and solid card Faerie Vandal. This card is going to be a standard staple for players who like blue decks in the upcoming expansion. Faerie Vandal is a blue faerie rogue creature card that has cheap mana cost and can be summoned rather early in the match.

It only costs a meager two mana to summon Faerie Vandal, one of which must be, of course, blue mana. It has the okay stats of one/two and flash and flying. Flash is an odd mechanic that we haven’t seen too often in the last few years and, therefore, we wouldn’t be surprised if you forgot about or simply didn’t know it.

Flash allows the player to use the card effectively as if it is an instant spell card. This means that you can use at essentially anytime during the match. You can use it during your main phase like with other typical creature cards but you could even play Faerie Vandal during the enemy’s turn if you want.

However, the abilities of Faerie Vandal don’t end there as he still has one more trick up his sleeve and that is his main ability. Whenever you draw your second card each turn, put a plus one/plus one counter on the creature card Faerie Vandal.

Now, this is an interesting mechanic that is quite useful, depending on if you have your deck stacked in a certain way. Note that the counter is only put on the creature when you draw your second card that turn. This means that if you draw a third card or more, it won’t work again so you can only take advantage of this once per turn.

Still, this is an impressive mechanic that encourages the player to stack their deck with cards that allow them to draw once again each turn. This will continue making Faerie Vandal grow stronger and stronger each time. If you put him on the field early, you could have an unstoppable beast in just a few turns.

Throne of Eldraine Spoilers: Tome Raider


However, the usefulness of Faerie Vandal doesn’t end with it as it combos well with another of the Throne of Eldraine faeries revealed this week, Tome Raider. Both the look and name of Tome Raider is an easy reference to the popular Tomb Raider franchise and it is one that blue players will want in their deck, especially if they have other faeries.

Tome Raider is a blue faerie creature card that costs three mana to summon, one of which must be blue. It has the fairly lame stats of one/one but it does have flying as well and the ability it has is crucial to any deck that wants to draw cards.

You see, whenever Tome Raider enters the battlefield, you are able to draw a card. This is already useful enough on its own as it allows you to get an extra card in your hand but it also makes it combo well with Faerie Vandal if played after it.

Playing Tome Raider will net you an extra card draw that will meet the requirements for putting a plus one/plus one counter token on the faerie rogue creature. You could easily stack your deck with four of the Tome Raiders and four Faerie Vandals and suddenly you have a pretty sweet army.

Each time that you play Tome Raider, suddenly you have much stronger Vandals up to five/six in stats alone just from those cards if you’re able to play all of them. That’s all before including other cards that allow you to draw another card from your deck.

Throne of Eldraine Spoilers: Rankle, Master of Pranks


Though those two cards are impressive enough on their own, they are far from the only faerie cards to be revealed today. The next one up is Rankle, Master of Pranks. He is the legendary creature card that will be boosting the faerie typing when the new expansion launches.

Rankle, Master of Pranks is a black legendary faerie rogue creature card. He costs a fairly average four mana to summon, two of which must be black mana. He has the stats of three/three, which is okay but is boosted by also having flying and haste attached to him.

What really makes Rankle excel on the battlefield is his ability, though, that showcases just why he is considered a legendary creature. Being that he is a black creature, this emphasizes the color’s mechanic of sacrificing something in exchange for taking out your opponent in the process, too.

Whenever Rankle deals combat damage to a player, you are able to choose one of three abilities to execute right then. All three are rather impressive and it really all depends on your current situation. The first of these three choices is to make each player discard a card right then.

The second ability makes every player lose a life and draw a card, too. The third and final ability might be the most powerful of the bunch in that it makes each player sacrifice a creature on the field right then. As you can see, this already makes Rankle, Master of Pranks a useful asset.

It is easy to say that you could build your entire deck around this creature card and win matches solely because of him. For this reason alone and his wide sweeping abilities, we do expect Rankle to be a useful addition to the Commander and Brawl match formats in the future.

But even for just Standard, Rankle is a worthy ally who can snatch the victory for you if you use him right. For instance, if there is a tough enemy bothering you that you just can’t seem to take out, sacrifice one of your creatures and take it out in the process.

Are you close to getting the win? Make you and your opponent lose a life and draw another card in the process that could get you even closer to winning. It really is a juggle of knowing which of the three is best move but, regardless, this is one prankster that you will want on your team.

Throne of Eldraine Spoilers: Heraldic Banner


Heraldic Banner is another staple that should be added to most decks in the upcoming expansion, especially ones that only use one or two colors and/or have a lot of creatures of the same color. Heraldic Banner is an artifact card that is colorless and costs a simple three mana to put on the field.

When Heraldic Banner enters the field, you are going to choose a color for it to represent. This will do two things for you, one of which is instant. That first ability is that it gives all creatures that you control of the chosen color plus one to their attack.

At the same time, though, you are able to tap the Heraldic Banner each turn to add one mana of the color that you chose for Heraldic Banner to have. Both of these abilities are insanely useful and should make it beneficial to almost every type of deck and color in the game.

For one, if you use mostly creatures of the same color, they’re now guaranteed to have at least one extra attack each time they fight. On the other hand, you are also getting a steady stream of mana each turn that you can use to get the edge over your opponent and start making some bigger plays early on.

Now, the artwork for the Heraldic Banner shows the red color by default even though you are able to pick any, and that’s likely because the mono-red aggro decks are likely to be one of the most benefitted from this card.

Suddenly, you have stronger aggressive creatures and more mana to pull out the big creatures sooner. Regardless, it is one that almost every player should consider in the upcoming expansion.

Throne of Eldraine Spoilers: Beanstalk Giant


It has been a bit since we revealed another Adventure card for the Throne of Eldraine expansion and, boy, do we have a great one for you today. This next Adventure card is the Beanstalk Giant creature card. It is a green giant creature card that costs a whopping seven mana to summon, one of which must be green.

Though it has a bigger mana cost than the other Adventure cards revealed thus far, it is an equally powerful creature that green players will want to consider for their deck. It opens up the door for some excellent late game strategies to close out the game and get the victory.

As for Beanstalk Giant’s stats, there are blank because it is dependent on the ability that the giant creature has. The stats that he has are equal to the number of lands that you have under your control. Have 10 lands? Suddenly, Beanstalk Giant comes out of the gate with a whopping 10/10 for stats.

But just because you could instantly play this card as a creature and start pounding the enemy away, it might not be best to do so immediately. Since this is an Adventure card, you are able to send it out on an adventure and then use it again later as the normal giant creature.

The Adventure version of this card is known as Fertile Footsteps and costs half of the normal version to use. It only costs three mana to use this spell card version, one of which must be green. What it does is allow you to search your deck for a basic land card and play it.

When you do this, you exile the Beanstalk Giant card and it can be played later on from exile as the normal creature version. So, the basic strategy is to use Beanstalk Giant as early on as possible as the Adventure version Fertile Footsteps and then wait until you have more lands to play it as the giant creature to maximize its possible stats.

Throne of Eldraine Spoilers: Workshop Elders


The final card that we are going to cover in these particular spoilers is the Workshop Elders card. This is another staple card that will be useful for players who are going to be taking advantage of the food mechanic or other artifact mechanics in this expansion.

Workshop Elders costs a whopping seven mana to summon like Beanstalk Giant and is a human artificer creature card. It has the sad stats of four/four considering the cost associated with it but the abilities that Workshop Elders has more than make up for this.

For starters, all artifact creatures that you have on your side of the field have flying no matter what they are. In addition, at the beginning of combat on your turn, you may have a target noncreature that you control become a zero/zero artifact creature. When you do, put four plus one/plus counters on it.

So, this essentially means that you can turn any artifact into a four/four creature with flying. Suddenly, those food tokens have even more usefulness than ever before as they can be turned into four/four creatures so long as you don’t need them for gaining more life.

Blue players will want to add the Workshop Elders card to their deck, especially if they are interested in controlling the entire battlefield with stacks of four/four artifact creatures and Throne of Eldraine faeries. Needless to say, this expansion is boosting blue decks in a massive and welcome way.

Thanks for joining us for a closer look at some of the new Throne of Eldraine faeries and more! Stay tuned for more Magic: The Gathering news and updates.


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