MTG Throne of Eldraine Art Preview

by in Magic: The Gathering Arena | Jul, 25th 2019

After teases, leaks, and more, Wizards of the Coast finally took the stage at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 to reveal the long-awaited fall expansion for Magic: The Gathering. We already knew that the name of the expansion would not be the code name “Archery” as was first announced but Throne of Eldraine. Thankfully, we got a sneak peak at some MTG Throne of Eldraine art recently.

Throne of Eldraine will be releasing this fall as the follow-up to this year’s other expansions that include the very recently released Magic Core Set 2020 and the well received War of the Spark expansions. It is set to change up the game significantly, both for tabletop physical card players as well as the digital fans.

MTG Throne of Eldraine Art Revealed At SDCC

Wizards of the Coast lead designer for the game and fan favorite in the online community Mark Rosewater took to the stage at San Diego Comic-Con by himself to reveal new details about the upcoming expansion. After introducing himself to those who might not know who he is, he went right into the new expansion.

For starters, he compared this upcoming expansion to Innistrad block of expansions that released in 2011. This is a rather interesting comparison since that block focused more on the gothic horror elements and genre, which is an interesting opposite of what Throne of Eldraine will be.

Rosewater revealed that the upcoming expansion will be focused not on faeries as first believed in the community but actually fairy tales in general. Perhaps the reason for the comparisons between this expansion and Innistrad in the past is because they are both major departures from other expansions in the history of the game.

Rosewater went on to describe this upcoming expansion as “Camelot meets Grimm’s fairy tales.” To show off what he means by this, he showed off a ton of new MTG Throne of Eldraine art that teases what the world and cards will look like when it releases this fall.

The MTG Throne of Eldraine art showed off large, beautiful lakes, creatures in the forest, castles floating in the sky, and much more. The gorgeous artwork that was shown off during the panel at San Diego Comic-Con gives players a taste of what’s to come in the future. Sadly, it was just the artwork shown.

Rosewater made a point not to go too much into detail about what the lore of the world will be like in terms of what the fairy tales mean and there were no cards revealed either. This was more of a reveal of the expansion and a tease for what’s to come rather than a full on showcase.

We don’t know just yet when we will get to see the first cards from the upcoming fall expansion but we do know that faeries will play a small part in some of the cards; just not as big of a part as we initially thought. The reason that players thought it was all about faeries was because of a leak.

The morning of the first day of Comic-Con, Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast invited members of the press for a special breakfast. At the breakfast event, attendees were given an aesthetically pleasing purple card. It revealed the title of the expansion, its prerelease date, and faeries all around.

This lit the community on fire as many players began to think that the new fall expansion was all about faeries. The commotion was so much that Rosewater had to respond officially to let fans know that while faeries are part of the expansion, they won’t be the major part like it originally seemed.

What we do know right now about the upcoming expansion is the likely featured planeswalker. It looks like Rowan Kenrith will be making a comeback in this expansion and could be the main one like Chandra was in the most recent core set of cards. His artwork will be created by Seb McKinnon.

Beyond that, we don’t know too much more about this fall expansion other than a release date. We still have a couple of months before the card set releases. Its official release date is set for October 4 for the tabletop physical cards with the digital release via Magic Online and MTG Arena happening before that. In addition, prerelease will be on September 28 and 29.


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