MTG Throne of Eldraine Adventure Card Feature Revealed

by in Magic: The Gathering Arena | Sep, 5th 2019

After months of waiting since the initial announcement of the new expansion, we are finally getting some spoilers and card reveals for Magic: The Gathering’s next expansion Throne of Eldraine that is set to come out in less than a month from right now.

As part of the reveals that began this week, Wizards of the Coast has shown off several cards already from the featured Planeswalker that will be gracing the cover of the entire set to the various creatures that are within. All of these build towards the theme of fairy tales and Arthurian legends that the expansion is known for.

But there is one key component of the reveals that Wizards of the Coast has been unleashing this week that isn’t quite clicking with the community as a whole. That’s because it’s a brand new card mechanic and the developer has yet to fully explain what exactly the feature does to cards that have it.

Fortunately, though, that’s where we come in. We’ve spent some time digging through all of the recently revealed cards that will be releasing in the upcoming expansion and have come up with a detailed guide to what exactly the new Throne of Eldraine Adventure feature is.

What Are Split Cards?

MTG Odds and Ends Card Transparent

To begin, Adventure is a new card mechanic that you will start seeing on new cards in the fall expansion when it releases. Many of the already revealed cards from both the black and green colors have the mechanic built into them and you can clearly see them even at a glance.

That’s because the new Adventure feature not only changes the game entirely but it also shakes up the look of the cards that have it. They won’t look as normal as other cards as they take on a certain “split” design in order to show that they have this new feature.

To begin explaining the Adventure card mechanic, it’s best to go over the split cards from Magic’s history, which is a fairly similar mechanic overall but different in execution. Split cards are cards that have been part of the game in the past but rarely show up every once in a while for Commander and the like.

So, it is certainly possible to be an avid player and not even know about split cards, especially if you don’t play the Commander match format. A split card is literally split into two different cards that players can use, depending on the situation. Each card is different so it really depends on which you like.

Some of the split cards literally cut the card in half and have one card be on one half of it and the other card on the other half. At the same time, there are even split cards where you have a card on one side and then flipping it over will find another card on the other side like Odds and Ends, for example.

MTG Throne of Eldraine Adventure Mechanic Explained

With that said, Throne of Eldraine Adventure is like an evolution of that mechanic that brings it to the Standard Constructed format for everyone to use in any mode they’d like. And, in addition, it’s a major part of the core themes and gameplay that will be in the upcoming fall expansion.

Adventure takes the core theme of a world full of fairy tales and knights, and builds it into the core gameplay as well. With Adventure cards, you are essentially splitting the card but not in the way it was before. It is a far more seamless process that is actually beneficial and much more competitive-friendly in the long run.

Basically, Adventure cards can be normal cards like a creature that is one/one with flying. At first, it’s just a normal creature card that does standard stuff but then when you look at the bottom half of the card, you will find that the abilities are split into two.

The bottom half of these cards are designed to look like you are reading a book of sorts. There are two pages that you are looking at and one page on the left is the Throne of Eldraine Adventure side and the other side contains the abilities for the normal version of the card.

When it comes to the right side of the card, that’s the standard ability that the card has that you are used to. But it’s the left side, the Adventure side, where things get a bit more complicated. The Adventure side changes the card completely and even gives it a new name to boot.

From what we’ve seen thus far, it does appear as though Adventure mechanics are only for spells and artifacts at best but there could be more to it than that since we haven’t seen all of the Adventure cards just yet. So, the question remains how do you use the Adventure card?

Well, like split cards, you can choose to play the card as the Adventure version where you are sending the card out on an adventure in the process. As you will see on the left side, it not only changes the card’s name but its mana cost as well and that is what you use to play the Adventure version.

It ultimately comes down to your situation and choice, whether or not you will play the normal version of the card or go for the Adventure version. However, for many of the cards revealed thus far, it is actually best to play the Adventure card instead of the normal one for a specific reason.

Not all of the cards revealed so far for the expansion does this but most of them get exiled instead of being sent to the graveyard upon using the Adventure version. Because it is exiled, players are actually able to normally summon the card this way after using the Adventure version.

This gives these cards double the utility since you can use the spell version to do something cool and then turn around and replay it but as a creature or whatever on your side of the field. It’s a handy mechanic that will likely shake up the strategies of many of the decks in the meta game right now.

Lovestruck Beast Is an Interesting Adventure Card Example

MTG Throne of Eldraine Lovestruck Beast Transparent

With all of those Throne of Eldraine Adventure details explained, though, it can be confusing without a bit of practice to go along with it. For that, we have a few examples of cards that are Adventure ones to give you a practical idea of how the mechanic is going to work in the new set of cards.

To start with, we have the newly announced card Lovestruck Beast, which is honestly this author’s favorite card announced for a few reasons that we’ll get to in a bit. As you can see, Lovestruck Beast takes the tale as old as time Beauty & the Beast and turns it into a card that is quite fitting actually.

At the top of the card, we have the standard artwork that you would expect except done in a much more glorious, fairy tale-like style. On the bottom half of the card, it is presented as two pages of a book you are reading with the right half representing the normal abilities of Lovestruck Beast.

Lovestruck Beast is a typical green beast noble creature card at a glance that costs a meager three mana to summon, one of which must be green mana. However, it has the surprisingly awesome five/five stats for a card that can be played so early in a match.

This is countered by the ability that the standard version of the card has on the right side. The ability renders the card useless for the most part (except blocking) unless you meet a certain condition. Lovestruck Beast isn’t able to attack unless you control a one/one creature on the field as well.

The beast is literally struck by love so, unless he is able to see or do what he wants, he is incapable of attacking. It’s both hilarious and ingenious on Wizard of the Coast’s part. However, the story doesn’t end there as we haven’t even gotten to the Adventure side of things.

Though the right side shows that this is just an ordinary card, the left side changes up everything significantly. You are able to play Lovestruck Beast as a spell card rather than creature card from your hand if you like. This changes the mana cost, name, effect, and more.

If you send the Lovestruck Beast out on an “adventure” he will change to the Heart’s Desire card. This spell card only costs one green mana to use, which is a bit cheaper than the creature version. What this spell does is create a one/one white human creature token for your field.

If you remember the block on Lovestruck Beast’s attack in the normal version of this card, you will know that using Heart’s Desire to create the token will fulfill the requirements to allow him to attack normally. So, all you need to do is find a way to replay him from the graveyard and you’re good to go.

Of course, you could always play any other one/one creature card and you’ll be fine but the Adventure and normal versions go hand in hand perfectly. Wizards of the Coast has literally taken the fact that the beast is so love in with the woman and implemented it into the card where he can’t do anything without her being there, too.

Order of Midnight Is Sure to Be a Popular Adventure Card

MTG Order of Midnight Card Transparent

It’s honestly a brilliant way of designing the new cards in the expansion and there are many of them like that. Now, the other example that we want to use takes the Adventure mechanic one step further that makes it even more interesting. The card that we are going to go over next is Order of Midnight, which is sure to be a popular one in the upcoming expansion.

Order of Midnight is a black color human knight creature card normally that costs two mana to summon normally, one of which must be black. It also has the standard stats of two/two. As you can see, the bottom half of the card is also split in half like with Lovestruck Beast. The right side notes the abilities for the normal creature version of Order of Midnight.

In its creature form, it also has flying but it isn’t able to block. So far, so good but it’s the Adventure side on the left that twists everything on its head. The left side, if played, turns Order of Midnight into the Adventure spell card Alter Fate. It also costs the same as the normal version, which is two mana with one being black color mana.

When you do this, the spell will allow you to target one creature card from your graveyard and bring it back to your hand. Given that it is a low-costing spell, it is possible to do this even early in a match. Couple that with a card like Lovestruck Beast or any of the others and, suddenly, you are able to play both versions of a card easily.

In fact, we expect to see many players competitively using multiple copies of Order of Midnight since they can even be used in a combo together to bring back other Order of Midnight cards. For example, you can use an Order of Midnight’s Adventure spell version to bring back another Order of Midnight or a different creature like Lovestruck Beast and keep the cycle going.

As you can see, the new Throne of Eldraine Adventure feature on the cards changes the game significantly and we expect to see some intriguing combos and decks come out of the new expansion. Throne of Eldraine is currently set to launch later this month digitally on September 26 with the full tabletop physical release expected to happen on October 4.


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