MTG Theros Beyond Death Spoilers: Akroan War Saga, Banishing Light, and More Revealed

by in Magic: The Gathering Arena | Oct, 31st 2019

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Wizards of the Coast is likely not going to be happy about the most recent possible spoilers for the upcoming expansion for Magic: The Gathering. The beloved card game is no stranger to spoilers, both official and unofficial, but this latest leak is a strange and surprising one for sure.

Theros Beyond Death Cards Leaked

Supposedly, a player has recently come across some leaked MTG Theros Beyond Death cards that are officially from the upcoming card set. These leaks were due to some booster packs that were being sold at a local Walgreens store long before the actual release date for the set.

This is an extraordinary leak for several reasons before we dig deeper into the actual cards that were shown off. For one, it isn’t too surprising for retailers to sell copies of cards earlier than supposed to, but we are quite literally more than two months away from the release of the set.

The new MTG Theros Beyond Death cards aren’t supposed to be coming out until January 17 in the physical format. While the digital platforms will release a little earlier than that, it would only be a week or so, and that still doesn’t make sense of how these booster packs would show up in stores this early.

According to the Reddit user BlakedaWerewolf, who discovered and subsequently purchased these potential cards, the cards were found at a Walgreens in Morrisville, North Carolina. According to the user, there were five of these possibly leaked booster packs for sale there.

Purchasing these five packs allowed the user to find more than 30 new cards from the upcoming 2020 expansion, which is quite bizarre. After all, we aren’t even in 2020 yet and the first expansion for the new year has already supposedly leaked.

However, this is still possible since there is the fact that we already know a whole lot about the upcoming 2020 card set. After all, Wizards of the Coast decided to do things entirely different for the forthcoming year in revealing the names of all the expansions while we are still in 2019.

Also, we do have some details that are already set in stone regarding the upcoming set. We do know when the card set will be releasing as previously mentioned and that there will be a total of 254 cards or so that will be in the expansion.

While the current fall expansion Throne of Eldraine is based on fairy tales and knights, this upcoming set will be all about Theros, the land of the underworld. As such, it will be focusing on Greek mythology that is sure to be quite fascinating.

With the reveal of these cards, we know some new keywords and card types that will be potentially introduced in the upcoming set. Of course, this goes without saying that you should still take this all with a grain of salt. There are some talented leakers out there who are great at making believable fakes.

The Akroan War Saga Card Revealed

Despite this, we are going to dive deep into just a handful of the 30-plus new MTG Theros Beyond Death cards that were potentially leaked via the Reddit user. The user posted pictures of the cards that they found in their potential booster packs at Walgreens, and we can see many of the new cards.

It all begins with The Akroan War enchantment card. This is a unique one that is bringing back a type of enchantment card that we haven’t seen in a good bit, and that is the saga enchantment type. This type works well for the Greek theme of the upcoming set, so we expect more like this.

For starters, The Akroan War is a red color saga enchantment card that costs four mana to summon, one of which must be red color mana. This unusual-looking card has three different abilities that occur when certain conditions are met.

When the card enters the field, it will proceed to the first step in the saga of sorts, and it will continue going through the saga with each of your draw steps in the match. Once it reaches the third and final step in the saga, it will activate that ability and then be sacrificed.

What’s also cool about this card is that it takes up the full length of the card with three separate illustrations telling the three different points of the saga. It all begins with the first part of the saga that begins when the player plays the card from their hand.

You will gain control of a target creature of your choosing for as long as this card is on the battlefield so, basically, for about three turns or so. On your next turn when your draw step happens, the second part will activate, and every single one of your opponents’ creatures will attack, if able.

This may seem like a detrimental move since it forces the opponent to attack until your next turn, but there is a purpose behind this. And those creatures were likely going to attack anyways. Then on the third turn, the card is out. It will activate the third and final ability.

Every single tapped creature will deal damage to itself that is equal to its current power stat. So, if it has a power of five, it will deal five damage to itself, which may be enough to kill most creatures whose health is equal to or less than its power stat.

What makes this ability so great is that you can force your opponent to tap their creatures in the previous turn to attack you, and then they will be damaged on the next turn. It is a risky but rewarding move in the right situation, especially against those aggro and creature control decks.

Dalakos, Crafter of Wonders and Labyrinth of Skophos Leak

Another possibly leaked card is the Dalakos, Crafter of Wonders legendary card. Dalakos is a legendary Merfolk artificer creature card that is a hybrid. It is a hybrid between the blue and red color decks, cost three mana to summon. Of that mana, one must be blue, and another must be red.

It arrives on the field with the stats of two and four, which are pretty good considering the mana cost involved. While on the field, you can tap this card to add two mana to your mana pool. The catch is, though, that you must use that mana only on artifact spells or to activate the abilities of artifacts.

The other ability that Dalakos has will grant the equipped creatures that you control with flying and haste. Overall, this is a decent legendary card, but there certainly have been many better ones in recent card sets. This could be a great asset in decks that use a lot of artifacts and equipment, but it won’t be too useful to anyone else.

Next up is the special land card Labyrinth of Skophos that is a bit interesting. It fulfills the Greek theme nicely, starting out as a simple colorless land that can add you one mana. At the same time, though, there is a mana ability that allows you to spend four mana to remove a target attacking or blocking creature from combat.

That is a pretty useful feature, and it is just a land card. This would undoubtedly be a great addition to a few decks that we can think of, especially if you prefer having lands with different names.

Ashiok’s Erasure and Treacherous Blessing Revealed

Then there is another enchantment card in the form of Ashiok’s Erasure that is a blue card. It costs four mana to summon, two of which must be blue mana. It has the flash mechanic so using it will be quite easy at any point during the match.

It is used as a counter because when it enters the field, you can exile a target spell of your choosing. Also, your opponents can’t cast spells with the same name as that exiled card. And when this card leaves the battlefield for whatever reason, you must return the exiled spell card to its owner’s hand.

This is an interesting counter-spell card that we could see get some use in Commander and/or Brawl for sure, but we aren’t too sure how useful it will be in Standard. This is one that we will have to wait and see on to get our full verdict for it.

Speaking of enchantment cards next up is Treacherous Blessing: A black color enchantment card that costs three mana, one of which must be black mana. Whenever this card enters the battlefield, you can draw three cards right then.

However, whenever you cast a spell, you lose one life point while this card is on the field. And whenever Treacherous Blessing becomes the target of a spell or ability, you can sacrifice it. Another interesting card that could be useful, but the card draw might not be worth the cost, depending on the deck.

Phalanx Tactics and Banishing Light Detailed

MTG Arena Theros Beyond Death Banishing Light Card

Phalanx Tactics is the next card to be revealed in this leak, and it is a white instant spell card. It costs two mana to use, one of which must be white mana. It allows you to boost a target creature that you control with plus two and plus one to stats until the end of the turn.

And every other creature that you control other than that one will get plus one/plus one to stats until the end of the turn. This is an okay card that is good for defense when you are getting attacked, but the limited nature of the stats only lasting for that turn is a little lame.

Banishing Light is another white color card that is an enchantment card that costs three mana to summon, one of which must be white mana. Whenever Banishing Light enters the battlefield, exile the target nonland permanents that an opponent controls until Banishing Light leaves the field.

This is an exciting and potentially overpowered card that we aren’t quite sure where to begin with. The overpowered nature of banishing nonland permanents is amazing, even if it is temporary. This is a dangerous card that players will want to watch out for.

Alirios and Threnody Singer Leaked

Next up is another legendary creature card, this time a human blue card. Alirios, Enraptured is a blue card that costs three mana to summon, one of which must be blue mana. It has the okay stats of two and three, and it enters the battlefield tapped.

Alirios will not untap during your untap phase if you control a Reflection card. Also, when Alirios enters the battlefield, it creates a three/two blue Reflection creature token. This is an interesting card that is immobilized while its token is also there. But its token is powerful so there is that at least.

Finally, we are going to cover in this first set of leaks for the upcoming MTG Theros Beyond Death cards is Threnody Singer. It is a blue siren creature card that costs two mana to summon, one of which must be blue mana. It has the flash and flying keywords attached to it with the stats of one and three.

Whenever it enters the battlefield, you can pick a target enemy creature and give it minus X and minus zero stats until the end of the turn. X is represented by your devotion to the blue mana pool. Each blue mana in your mana costs of permanents counts towards this.

So, it could be high if you happen to have a lot of MTG Theros Beyond Death cards like Threnody Singer that require you to have a blue mana or two to summon it. This could easily render a creature useless for that turn if used correctly. This makes it a good counter for those powerful beasts and buy you some time.


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