MTG Players Claim MrBeast 50k Prize Hasn’t Been Awarded

by in Magic: The Gathering Arena | Jun, 28th 2021

Back in April, we talked about MrBeast giving away a 25,000 dollar prize to two people in MTG Arena. This sounded like an incredible idea and a way for people to potentially make life-altering money by simply playing a card game. This initially took place back on April 23rd, and as we inch closer to July, it appears that nobody has been awarded the money. Some people are worried it was a scam, and that no winner was ever truly supposed to be declared. It’s for sure a shady situation, and many are hoping it’s not a scam, and those winners were declared, and the prize money has/will be doled out.

Questions Without Answers:

Just yesterday, a Redditor known as Naerlyn claimed to have reached out to Wizards about this. They point out they don’t care about the event or rewards but want to spread awareness. According to the rules of the event, people could request a list of winners, before June 23rd. Naerlyn reportedly put the request in a month before that deadline but never received an answer. Naerlyn posted this on Reddit:

“Point 14 of the event’s rules (very bottom of the page) states that individuals can send a request at before the 23rd of June in order to get a copy of the winners list. So I did that – one month before the deadline – but to this day, still no answer! The only thing that’s in my mailbox is the email confirming that my ticket was sent and received.”

Is there a chance that this was a contest that was not supposed to truly have a winner? It’s possible. If someone managed to beat MrBeast in MTG, for example, but they don’t meet the age or nationality requirements, they win no prize. The confusing thing is that the rules of the competition don’t specify that you have to even play against MrBeast:

HOW TO ENTER THE PROMOTION: During the Promotion Period, an eligible entrant may log-in to their Magic: The Gathering Arena account (“Account”) and follow the links and instructions to log into the Friday Night Magic event (“Event”). All entrants must have a valid Account with a verified e-mail address. Accounts can be created at or in the Arena client. Entrants may not enter using guest accounts. Upon entering the Event, eligible entrants will be randomly paired with other entrants to play the game. All entrants must play the full game to completion to be eligible to win a prize. Conceded games do not constitute a full game.

That is perhaps what makes this the most confusing. According to the official rules, you don’t even have to play against MrBeast in MTG to have a chance at the prize. Perhaps they misworded the official rules though. That’s also likely. We aren’t accusing Wizards of the Coast of scamming anyone, but the situation certainly is suspicious. It is also likely that the winners simply did not wish to be made known. We will get back to you as this story develops.


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