MTG Arena Reveals Modal Cards for Zendikar Rising

by in Magic: The Gathering Arena | Sep, 1st 2020

With Zendikar Rising in MTG Arena will, of course, come new cards and new mechanics! As the spoilers begin, we’ll be covering those too, but this is a brand-new style of card. With that in mind, we wanted to cover it separately! One of the new mechanics to come to MTG Arena with Zendikar Rising is Modal double-faced cards! What makes these different from past double-sided cards is that they aren’t transform or flip cards!

Let’s check one out!

Valakut Awakening/Valakut Stoneforge

We’re going back to Zendikar, and this time, the Eldrazi are all cleared out of the ruined world. Honest. Wizards of the Coast spoiled the mechanic on YouTube, ahead of the official Twitch stream that begins the spoiler season for Zendikar Rising. They revealed Modal double-faced cards for MTG Arena.

Zendikar is such a wild, chaotic realm, and you have no idea what will happen there. But it is a setting known for powerful lands and the landfall mechanic (triggers when you play a land). It’s a setting where there will be tons of lands, and sometimes, you’re going to be flooded with them. The example they give to show off Modal Cards in MTG Arena is Valakut Awakening. It’s a rare instant that casts for 3 mana (1 red). You can put any number of cards from your hand on the bottom of your library. Then you draw that many, plus one.

You’ll notice in the bottom left of the card is “Land: Tap: Add 1 Red Mana,” as well. That’s the other side of the card, Valakut Stoneforge, a land that enters play tapped. When you play the card, you choose which version of the card you’re going to activate. You can see a symbol on the top left of the card as well. The one with a triangle pointing up is the front face.

They point out that most of the front faces are creatures, instants, spells, and nature things. The back-faces are all lands. In Zendikar, lands are very important. In MTG Arena, both faces will be visible to you, but the hint at the bottom left is for the cards’ physical version.

However, if these Modal cards aren’t in play, only the front-face is visible/usable. So say Valakut Awakening is in the graveyard. You can then cast Shipwreck Dowser to return it to your hand from there because the front face is an Instant. If you cast Adventurous Impulse (look at the top three, take a creature or land from there and put it into your hand), this will not target Valakut Awakening, as the bottom face is a land, not the top. Got it? That’s what you can expect with the Modal Cards in MTG Arena. It’s going to offer some wild, incredible ways to play the game. We’re very excited to see what sorts of cards are going to come with this feature. We have a feeling we’ll see some very soon.


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