MTG Arena Plane-Cation Chronicles Event Starts This Month

By Cody Perez

July 19, 2019


mtg arena plane-cation

Wizards of the Coast has announced that the follow-up to the War of the Spark Chronicles event is coming soon to Magic: The Gathering Arena. The MTG Arena Plane-Cation Chronicles limited time event will be kicking off later this month and last for a good month or so.

Like its previous incarnation, it will bring with it several weeks worth of challenges and rewards for players to take on and earn. Being that it’s the summer season, developer Wizards of the Coast is treating fans to a nice vacation of traveling various planes over the course of a month.

MTG Arena Plane-Cation Chronicles General Details

Like with the previous version of this in May and June, the MTG Arena Plane-Cation Chronicles event will be completely free of charge to enter, which is a far cry from the usual events like the upcoming Giant Monsters one this weekend that will be costing a small amount of gold or gems to enter.

This means that even if you download the digital version of the card battling game right now on your computer for free, you’ll be able to enter this event without paying a dime on the game. In fact, everyone has something to gain from the MTG Arena Plane-Cation Chronicles.

The limited-time event will begin on Sunday, July 28 and will run until August 27, making for almost an entire month worth of rewards and different game modes. Now, for those who participated in the previous Chronicles event, you will find that there are some major changes this time around.

For starters, the event will still change each week but with a bit of a twist. Since the event begins on Sunday, each week’s various modes and rewards will start on that Sunday at 8 am PT and will run until the following Tuesday at 11 am PT.

Players will only be able to join each week’s respective events and earn until 8 am PT on that Tuesday so you will want to plan ahead so that you don’t miss out on the rewards that will be offered. This will make it so that each week’s offerings will be available for a much shorter period of time than the previous Chronicles event.

Like before, your losses during the event won’t be tracked so you can keep playing to your heart’s content or just until you receive all of the rewards for that particular challenge. This is contrary to other limited time events in the game where you are kicked from it upon reaching so many losses or matches.

Since the events are only a few days long this time around instead of a full week, the required wins to reach all of the rewards is less than before as well. Players will only need to achieve six wins during each challenge in order to get all of the rewards for that week.

Plane-Cation Chronicles Rewards

As for the rewards themselves, they are, well, pretty basic; literally. Each week, the event will focus on a different plane area that you will be visiting and you will receive a reward for each win you get. Those wins will reward you each with a special basic land card.

Each of the wins will reward you with a different basic land card, including two for a specific land depending on which week it is. Previously, the rewards were stained glass card styles of specific cards from the collection but this may seem weird to jump to lands all of a sudden.

The difference is that these lands are created with gorgeous, unique artwork just for this event that will reflect the area that we are visiting for that week. So, the first week, for example, will be focusing on the Ravnica plane from a few recent expansions.

If you are able to secure one win during our stop in Ravnica, you will be given the first land card that is the plains card with its unique artwork as well as 1,000 experience. Each first win during the event for that week will give players a bonus 1,000 experience for the Mastery System.

Then after the first win, you will get a special island land card for your second win in Ravnica, a swamp card for your third win, a mountain card for your fourth, forest for your fifth, and another forest card for your sixth and final win during that first week of the event.

These rewards can only be earned once per week, which is fine since the land cards will be added to your collection and available for use in any of your decks. This will give you the option to purchase additional cards as well in the store during the event.

And if you do miss out on any of these specific rewards, all of them will be offered for purchase separately later on using gold. It’s worth noting that a recent update added a basic lands feature to the filter options when searching for cards, which is helpful for finding these cards after receiving them.

MTG Arena Plane-Cation Chronicles Match Format Details

There will be a total of five stops that we will visit along the way during the MTG Arena Plane-Cation Chronicles limited-time event. Like the previous Chronicles event, each of those five stops will be marked by not just a new location but a new match format as well.

Two fan-favorite match formats will be returning for this upcoming event as well as the introduction of three brand new never before seen modes. The first two that are returning and will be familiar to veteran players are the Pauper and Treasure Constructed match modes.

The first of the three new modes, though, is Guild Battle. Guild Battle is a pre-constructed event that furthers the war between the Guilds in Ravnica. There are 10 guilds in total and there will be 10 decks that will be representing each of them.

Before you jump into a match, you will choose one of the 10 decks to use for that match and it will be given to you in its entirety for that match. Between matches, you will have the chance to switch allegiances and use a different deck from another guild.

Note that you won’t be able to keep these decks or cards as they are only for the purposes of that event. The next new mode that will be added with the MTG Arena Plane-Cation Chronicles limited-time event is called Standard Shake-Up.

MTG Arena Standard Shake-Up Details

This mode will take the usual Standard mode that we know about and shake it up as the name implies. We don’t have too many details about this particular match format at this time other than you will likely want to construct a brand new Standard deck as there are lots of cards, including Teferi, that are banned from this specific event.

The third and final mode that will be added with the MTG Arena Plane-Cation Chronicles event is Landfall. This is a more complicated and engaging match format that relies on you having to think as well as plan for the fact that there is some RNG involved.

How it works is you will get an emblem that affects you every time that you place a land card on the battlefield. When this happens, you will have to exile the top card of your deck. Depending on what type of card it is, something different will happen to it.

First off, it’s another land card, you will put it automatically into your hand for use later. But if it’s a creature card, you will put it at the bottom of your deck and create a one/one green plant creature token. But that’s not all, though.

If the card you happen to pick is neither a creature card or a land card (for example: a spell card), you will put it at the bottom of your deck and each of your opponents will lose one life while you will gain one life for yourself.

Players can look forward to all of these insane match formats and more when the MTG Arena Plane-Cation Chronicles kicks off in less than two weeks on Sunday, July 28. It will run for a month until August 27 and will be completely free to enter for everyone. Stay tuned for more details on each week’s events, rewards, and match formats.


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