MTG Arena Omniscience Draft Limited Time Event Mode Drops Tomorrow

By Cody Perez

August 29, 2019


mtg arena omniscience draft

It’s been a bit since Magic: The Gathering Arena has had some interesting limited time modes for players to check out. There was a string of events week after week for a bit where players could enjoy unique takes on the card game to keep everything fresh and exciting.

MTG Arena Omniscience Draft Dates

Thankfully, Wizards of the Coast has remedied this situation by announcing a new limited time draft mode for players to enjoy and it releases tomorrow. The new event mode is the MTG Arena Omniscience Draft mode and will only be available for a short time.

Players who are interested in checking out all of the goodies that the MTG Arena Omniscience Draft has to offer should not waste any time since it will only be around for about five days in total. It will last for not even a full week, beginning on Friday, August 30 and running until Tuesday, September 3.

This is a great weekend to host the draft event since it is Labor Day weekend here in the United States. As such, many players, students, and workers will be off this coming Monday so it will be a great time to dig into the draft mode and finish it up before time runs out for it.

How the New Draft Mode Will Work

Like with other drafts, it’s all about drafting cards from card packs in the mode and then using them to select and build a deck of 40 cards to battle against others. For this particular draft mode, players will be selecting cards from the most recent set in the game Magic Core Set 2020 that released last month.

Despite centering the card packs you’ll use to draft around the most recent card set, the actual premise of this draft has to do with a certain card from last year’s core set. After all, this insane draft mode is not just for letting players draft new cards but put a nice twist on the typical match formula, too.

To enter the MTG Arena Omniscience Draft, you are, unfortunately, going to have to shell out some cash or gold to get in. This isn’t like the Plane-cation event recently that allowed players to get in for free and earn some sweet rewards.

Given the limited nature of this event and the craziness that it offers, it is no surprise that this draft has an entry fee. To get in, you will need to pay either 750 gems (which cost real money) or use the in-game currency of 5,000 gold to gain access to the event.

It is a bit of a steep price for entry to the event but it is more than worth the price of admission for the rewards you can potentially earn as well as the event’s rules itself. You may recognize the name of the event; it is based on a specific card from the game’s history.

How the Omniscience Card Affects the Event

MTG Omniscience Card

The entire MTG Arena Omniscience Draft revolves around the Omniscience card that comes from the Magic Core Set 2019 that released in the summer of last year. This intriguing blue enchantment card normally costs a total of 10 mana to use, three of which must be blue color mana.

That is an astonishing mana cost for a single card that isn’t a monster but the use of it is more than worth the price of entry. It has the simple but amazing effect of allowing the player to cast spells from their hand from then on without paying any of the mana costs for them.

Now, you may be wondering what the MTG Arena Omniscience Draft is all about then. Well, what this event does is take that card’s ability to allow the player to have no mana costs whatsoever and applies it to the entire event. That’s right, you will be able to play any spell card in these matches without spending a single bit of mana.

To combat this insane ability, players will only start the matches in this draft mode with three cards rather than the standard seven cards. Regardless, players will still be able to use the London Mulligan feature to redraw for cards and then discard one for each time that you’ve used the feature.

Regardless, this is an intriguing event that will likely see many players crafting decks that are solely spell cards and the like. As such, you should keep in mind the rule of the event when you are doing the draft so you don’t miss out on making the best deck possible for it.

For participating in the event for five days, you are going to receive some rewards. These rewards, like other similar events, are based solely on how well you do during the mode in terms of wins. Thankfully, though, players who aren’t able to get wins will get a prize just for participating.

Players can get up to seven wins in total before the event concludes for them. Also, if you get more than three losses during your matches, you will be kicked from the event permanently. As such, you are going to want to think carefully about what sort of deck you want to use.

Rewards for the MTG Arena Omniscience Draft

The rewards begin with players who get too many losses and have no wins during the event. Just for participating in the event, you will receive 50 gems and a single booster pack from the Magic Core Set 2020. All of the booster pack prizes in this event are from that recent set.

If you can manage a single win in the MTG Arena Omniscience Draft, you will receive more prizes than no wins at 100 gems and still just one booster pack. Two wins will increase the number of gems that you get but, oddly enough, most of these tiers keep the booster packs at the same amount.

At two wins, players who reach this milestone will receive 200 gems and just one booster pack. For three wins, players will get 300 gems and a booster pack from the recent expansion. If you can get four wins, you will receive 450 gems and still just one booster pack.

At five wins in total, the rewards start to get a little bit more worth it, especially for those who only used gold to get in. Players with five wins will receive 650 gems in total plus the one booster pack. Then at six wins, players will profit no matter if they used gems or gold to get into the draft mode.

Six wins for the player will grant them 850 gems, which is a profit of 100 gems over the entry fee plus the same old one booster pack. It isn’t until the final tier of seven wins in total that the booster pack reward finally changes up plus you will receive more gems for your success.

Players who can get seven wins without receiving more than three losses throughout the five days will receive 950 gems for a profit of 200 gems over the entry fee as well as two booster packs from the recent set instead of the standard one that the other tiers receive.

Tips for the MTG Arena Omniscience Draft

Now, there are a few tips and notes that are worth keeping in mind when you go about doing this draft. For one, if you’d like to have a deck that is full of nothing but spell cards, feel free to do so. This even means avoiding putting any land cards into your deck if you want.

This frees up the 40-card deck to have just 40 spell cards if you want. Your options will come from three booster packs from the recent expansion of 14 cards each. You will craft your deck from among those cards and, again, can choose to avoid adding any lands if you’d like.

However, there is a catch to the MTG Arena Omniscience Draft when it comes to no mana cost for spell cards. There are spell cards that have abilities that require a mana or two to use. These are immune from the effects of the draft mode and still require mana to use.

Thankfully, though, Wizards of the Coast makes it so that you can still choose to go without land cards even in this case. At the beginning of every turn, players will receive some mana that are colorless and usable for any color type, allowing players to still use card abilities and not put any lands in your draft deck.

For those cards with an X on it for mana cost, it will also be represented as zero to avoid any confusion. When it comes to drafting the cards for this event, there are a few types of cards that are worth keeping in mind to make sure that you do well for yourself in it.

You can, of course, add some creature cards to your deck if you’d like but you don’t have to. The priority that you should have for this event is picking cards that allow you to draw others or make moves fast like with haste and other abilities.

After all, you only start the match with three cards in your hand rather than seven. Your options will be severely limited but if you can play a card that allows you to search or bring out more cards, you’ll be off to a great start.

This also includes cards that allow you to control the board and release mayhem on your enemy. When you are starting with your deck, these are the types of cards that you should make sure are in there. In addition to that, you should also include backup cards for countering your opponent.

Let’s say that your opponent does play a bunch of tokens or creatures. For this, you will want to include counter spell cards and other ones that will clear the board so that they aren’t able to attack you this way. You can also include your large creature cards if you want.

Last but not least, you should also consider having synergy within your deck if possible. This isn’t nearly as important as the other tips above but still worth doing if you happen to see a lot of cards in the draft that go well together.

Keep in mind similar themes like flying cards, vampires, angels, and the like that are all themed around the same subject. These will work well with certain spell cards that boost the monsters with that typing or otherwise affect them.

You should also keep an eye out for any useful planeswalkers that show up in your draft, too, as their abilities might be great for drawing cards and boosting other creatures on the field. It’s also worth keeping in mind that color doesn’t matter all that much in this mode.

If you want, you can mix creatures that normally wouldn’t go together due to color differences if you happen to think that they would work well with one another in battle under these circumstances. Above all, have fun with the event and just make sure you like the spell and other cards you’re using.

Don’t wait too long to figure it all out, though, as the MTG Arena Omniscience Draft will only be happening for a brief time. It begins on Friday, August 30 and will only run until Tuesday, September 3.


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