MTG Arena Officially Released on Mac

by in Magic: The Gathering Arena | Jun, 22nd 2020

Though I’m a PC user, I feel for my Mac friends who wanted to play MTG Arena. There was always a way but it was convoluted and frustrating. You had to install other programs, or set up a bunch of nonsense. But fear not, my friends! MTG Arena is coming to the Mac platform, via the Epic Games Store! Plus it’s coming much faster than you’d think, too.

How to Download MTG Arena for Mac

On June 25th, MTG Arena will be available on the Epic Games Store for the Mac. I have no idea why it won’t have its own program, but I imagine there are enough EGS users on the Mac to warrant it! The game is already available on PC and has been for well over a year now.

The launch of the Mac version of MTG Arena will also coincide with the digital launch of Core Set 2021. With this, the latest update to the amazing card game will be available at the same time as the actual game. There will also be fully-supported cross-platform action, on top of being able to access your current account, collection, friends list, and more.

That’s perhaps the best part. I know a few people who had to play on PC or jump through hoops to play. It would be heartbreaking to have to stop and start over. Core Set 2021 promises to be a very powerful set, and we’ve been covering the updates and spoilers right over on this link.

At launch, the Mac players will also have access to all the current game modes, updates, and cards. From the M21 Player Draft, and the new events that will celebrate the launch of this new expansion, all you’ll have to do is hop on the Epic Games Store, search out MTG Arena, and download it for your Mac! It will be as easy as that!


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