Everything You Need to Know About MTG Arena Mythic Championship V

By Cody Perez

October 10, 2019


mythic championship v

Wizards of the Coast and pro Magic: The Gathering players from around the world are gearing up for the MTG Arena Mythic Championship V, one of the biggest events of the year. The event takes place later this month and will feature a massive prize pool for players to earn.

What Are the MTG Arena Mythic Championships?

The Mythic Championship series is a set of new tournaments that Wizards of the Coast began earlier this year. There are supposed to be seven of these tournaments in total, four of which have already happened.

It has been a bit since the last tournament, but players can look forward to the fifth one later this month. The seven tournaments are divided up into two main formats: physical, tabletop card matches, and the digital matches through MTG Arena.

Of the seven tournaments in total, four of them are set to use the traditional tabletop format for battling it out to see who comes out on top. The other three tournaments are all about players using the digital video game to see who walks away with the championship trophy.

The MTG Arena Mythic Championship V falls into the latter category, using the digital card game as its basis for the tournament. This is especially interesting since the game just recently launched out of the open beta format and into its full release late last month.

That was right around the same time as the release of the Throne of Eldraine expansion digitally, which players have had the opportunity to collect and test out for the last couple of weeks now. By the time the MTG Arena Mythic Championship V happens, players will have had around a month or so to get a feel for the new set.

The tournament has a lot on the line and the Standard format has changed with the release of the new expansion. As with all fall expansions, the release of Throne of Eldraine meant that four of the oldest sets were removed from Standard play.

That significantly brought down the number of available cards for players to use in the MTG Arena Mythic Championship V while emphasizing a whole new set of cards. Considering that there are so many new mechanics in this set like food tokens, Adventure cards, and the like, it will still take some time for players to adjust.

It will be interesting to see how the Mythic Championship V shakes out with everything in the metagame. Still being in a sort of limbo period as everyone continues to see what works best and what doesn’t. But participants don’t have much longer to practice as the event is rapidly approaching.

Where and When to Watch the MTG Arena Mythic Championship V

The MTG Arena Mythic Championship V is set to begin on Friday, October 18, 2019, and will run through Sunday, October 20. The entire event begins next weekend, and it will take place in Long Beach, California. Even though the whole tournament is being played digitally, players will still gather on location there.

This is mainly to allow players to be on the equal, fair footing. It will also enable the cameras to record the action. Unfortunately, since this isn’t a tabletop event, Wizards of the Coast is restricting fans from being able to attend and watch all the action in person.

So, even if you do happen to live in the Long Beach or greater Los Angeles area, you won’t be able to attend. Fret not, though, as there is an easy way for everyone to view all the matches online as they happen. The entire event will be broadcasted live on the official Magic: The Gathering Twitch channel.

The coverage will begin on the opening day of October 18 at 8 am PT and continue through the finals match and the awards ceremony per usual. Each day will begin at that same time and will finish off once all the matches for that particular day have been completed. If you’re looking forward to seeing the matches as they happen, be sure to set aside some time next weekend for the event as it streams on Twitch live.

MTG Arena Mythic Championship V Players

There will be 68 of the world’s best competitors, vying for the top spot in the MTG Arena Mythic Championship V in Long Beach, California. If you were interested in participating, unfortunately, the time for that has already passed.

Players were selected by doing well in the Mythic Championship Qualifier events that last for a couple of days on a weekend. Those who can finish in the top 16 of one of those qualifier tournaments can move on and get their shot at winning in the Mythic Championship V.

Your first step towards making it to one of those qualifiers is by showing your stuff on the actual game itself. If you can become one of the top Mythic-ranked players on the PC digital version, you increase your chances of making it to a qualifier and the championship event.

There is a total of 36 challengers who have proven themselves in the qualifiers and the game’s ranked play. The rest of the 68 participants is made up of 32 Magic Pro League players. Those are the players who make up the dedicated esports league for the game and wish to show off their pro skills.

Now, the number of players may seem odd to you since it is 68, which is a little bit more than the generally accepted 64 players in a tournament, which is double the normal 32. That is because four players won’t be competing on the first day of matches that weekend.

Four of the Magic Pro League players who were able to get the top spot in their respective divisions from the previous expansion season were able to receive a free day. This means they can skip all of the matches that are happening on that particular day.

Those four players will be able to skip day two and jump in with the matches that take place there, bettering their chances of making it to the finals match. The four pro players are Ben Stark, Carlos Romao, Lee Shi Tian, and Seth Manfield.

Sean “Day9” Plott will host the actual stream itself on Twitch with co-host Maria Bartholdi during the entire weekend. This means that you are in for a quality broadcasting weekend that will be on par with the best of events.

There will also be a few pros and experts who will be providing instant analysis of everything happening throughout the event. Those experts include AliasV, Brian Kibler, Cedric Phillips, Marshall Sutcliffe, and Paul Cheon.

There will also be interviews with various players throughout the event after they finish up their matches. This will be hosted by the onsite reporter Becca Scott, giving fans the detailed info and reactions from the players right after matches conclude.

MTG Arena Mythic Championship V Tournament and Match Format

The 68 players will compete in three distinct days of competitive play. It will be divided up into three rounds as the players are narrowed down until the finals. It all begins on Friday, with 64 of the 68 players competing in the first round of matches.

Day one will see players use the Modified Swift tournament format to compete in the traditional Standard best of three matches. All 64 of the players will compete in seven rounds, meaning seven matches against seven random opponents who are also competing in the tournament.

Of the seven rounds, if a player loses four or more matches in those rounds, they are immediately eliminated from the entire event. On the other hand, if a player can get at least five wins during those seven rounds, then they will automatically advance to the day two events.

Players who can end round seven with four wins will likely move onto day two so long as not all placements have already been taken. After all, only 24 players from the first day of matches will be allowed to move on in total to the second round of MTG Arena Mythic Championship V.

On day two, Saturday, the 24 remaining players from day one will be joined by the four divisional champions from the pro league. All 28 of them will compete once again in the Modified Swiss tournament format. The competitors will have seven more rounds of matches to participate in.

Once again, if any of the players can get at least five wins during those seven rounds of matches, they will immediately make it to the third and final day of competition. The rest of the placements will be given out based on how well each of the players does during those rounds and any tiebreakers.

Of the 28 players in the second round of the tournament, eight of them will make it to the final round. Those top eight players will participate on Sunday, October 20, in a different tournament format than the previous two days.

Day three will see the top eight players battle it out in a top-eight double-elimination tournament format. How it will work is that players will be matched up, and if they lose, not all hope is lost. They will move down to the lower bracket where they will have another match.

Meanwhile, the winner’s bracket will continue having matches until there is a winner of the upper bracket. That person will face the winner of the lower bracket. Anyone who loses in the top bracket moves down for a second chance where if they lose again, they are out for good.

The winners of the upper and lower brackets will battle it out in the grand finals that are the last match of the event. The winner of this final set of matches will be the champion for the whole event. The upper bracket winner has the advantage as they only need to win one match to become the champion.

The lower bracket winner must win two matches in a row to become the champion of the MTG Arena Mythic Championship V. Prizes will be given out to players based on their placement in the tournament.

MTG Arena Mythic Championship V Rewards

The massive $750,000 prize pool is a bit larger than the other championships centered around the tabletop game. As such, players can earn a whole lot of money if they do well in the event.

It all starts with the players who can place ranks 29 through 68. What this means is that the player showed up, tried their best on day one, but couldn’t move onto day two. All those players will receive $7,500 guaranteed just for participating in the event alone.

However, if players make it to day two but aren’t able to do well enough to make it to the final day, they will receive a bit more at $10,000 in prize money. The top eight players will make even more money than that, depending on how well they rank on the final day.

The players who rank fifth through eighth will receive $12,500 for making it to the double-elimination tournament. The fourth-place player will receive way more than that, though, getting $20,000 in prize money for their placement. From there, it only grows even more for the top three players.

Third place will receive $30,000 in prize money for doing well, while second place will receive $50,000. However, the first-place winner of the MTG Arena Mythic Championship V will receive double that at $100,000 in prizes. In addition to that, the first-place champion will also receive an extra incentive.

The winner of the whole event will receive an invite to the main of the entire year: The Magic: The Gathering World Championship this December. That is where the best player of the year will be crowned. But even more than that, every player who participates will earn some Mythic points for the 2019 season.

Like the prize money, their points will be based on how well they do in the tournament itself with more points if they do better. Players who show up and rank 29 through 68 will receive 11 Mythic points. Players who make it to day two and rank 17 through 28 will receive a bit more at 17 points.

Then those players who rank nine through 16 will get 24 points in total. For players who can rank fifth through eighth, you will get 32 points in total. Meanwhile, third and fourth place players will get 37 points. Second place will get 42 points while the first-place champion will get 50 points.

The MTG Arena Mythic Championship V begins next weekend on Friday, October 18, and will run through Sunday, October 20. Players will be able to stream the entire event live on the official Twitch channel as the matches go on.


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