MTG Arena Mobile and Console Port, New Card Format Teased

by in Magic: The Gathering Arena | Jun, 14th 2019

The Magic: The Gathering Arena game director recently left his position in pursuit of new horizons. He was immediately replaced by Jay Parker. In order to introduce Parker to the community, he appeared on the official Twitch channel for an interview with Weekly MTG.

During this interview, the new MTG Arena game director Jay Parker covered a lot of material including the new card format and a MTG Arena mobile and console port. Both of these were teased during the interview by Parker and sure to get fans excited.

Magic Fall Card Rotation

To start, one of the fans in the comments asked Parker during the stream about what’s going to happen to the standard rotation in the digital card game when the presumed new card set will release this fall. As of right now, we know that there is a new card set coming this fall in addition to Core Set 2020 next month.

The only thing that we know about the upcoming fall card set is that it is currently codenamed “Archery”, which doesn’t tell us anything. Codenames like that rarely, if ever, give away any actual details about what the set will focus on or who it will feature heavily in it.

But with the release of this upcoming fall card set also comes the removal of some of the older card sets from the standard rotation. This is something that’s expected as it’s happened in the past with similar situations. Parker clarified which of the card sets will be removed from the rotation and why fans shouldn’t be scared.

Game director Jay Parker revealed that the older card sets that will be removed from the rotation this fall will be Ixalan, Rivals of Ixalan, Dominaria, and the previous core set from last year Magic Core Set 2019. Despite this, players don’t have to worry about these changes affecting their libraries.

Even though those sets will be removed from the standard rotation, players will not lose any of the cards from these sets that they have gotten. These include cards from those aforementioned sets that you have bought or unlocked in any means whatsoever.

You will still be able to use any cards from those sets as long as you have them in your possession. With the removal of those cards, a new format will be coming to the game. We don’t know what exactly this new format will be like but we do know when it will be announced.

Parker teased that the announcement will come around the time that Magic Core Set 2020 releases, which is early next month. Beyond the topic of rotations and card sets, though, Parker was also asked about whether or not there will ever be a MTG Arena mobile and console port.

MTG Arena Mobile and Console Port

Parker was quick to note that nothing is happening at this time, however, that doesn’t mean that it won’t in the future at some point. In fact, he noted that it’s more a question of “when” rather than if a MTG Arena mobile and console version will ever release.

This isn’t a surprise really but it’s still reassuring nonetheless. It makes sense that it will at least come to mobile in the future since Magic Online and other major card games like Hearthstone already have mobile games. It would be a disservice to the game to not have a mobile version eventually.

In addition, the fact that Parker didn’t immediately deny a console release is interesting, too. We would love to see Arena release on Nintendo Switch and other platforms like PS4. This would make the game more accessible to other players who currently don’t have a PC or can’t play the game on there.

Plus, it could open up Magic to a new crowd of players who wouldn’t notice it otherwise. For now, though, we’ll have to make due with the PC release. It’s worth noting that it’s still in open beta so it stands to reason it will probably fully release on PC before it comes to other platforms. Stay tuned for that.


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