MTG Arena Metagame Challenge Returns for Core Set 2020

By Cody Perez

July 11, 2019


mtg arena metagame challenge

Wizards of the Coast has announced that the MTG Arena Metagame Challenge is returning to the game very soon. This limited time event mode will be available for players to take on, marking its first offering since the release of the latest expansion and is actually in celebration of it.

The Magic Core Set 2020 expansion released last week, offering players the opportunity to check out hundreds of new cards that change up the metagame significantly. As such, it’s only right that the MTG Arena Metagame Challenge returns to mark the occasion.

MTG Arena Metagame Challenge Dates and Details

This limited time event starts this weekend on Friday, July 12 and will run throughout the weekend. It’s a short event, especially compared to the recent War of the Spark Chronicles event, but that’s also because it won’t take too long to go through this competition.

The MTG Arena Metagame Challenge is a short competition of sorts that allows players to find out what the best metagame decks are in the game currently. It features the Magic Core Set 2020 in full, along with all of the cards and decks that come with it.

This includes the brand new metagame decks that have popped up since the expansion’s launch like the Elementals deck. Of course, the competition will also include the expanded and updated versions of existing decks like the mono-red aggro deck that now includes the new Chandra cards.

The event itself will be a Standard Constructed match format, meaning that you will be allowed to bring your own deck of at least 60 cards that you have constructed for the event. You are going to want to leverage the new cards from the expansion to your advantage to ensure that you get as many wins as possible.

This event isn’t a typical tournament format either. Though you will be playing in normal matches, it will follow the format of keeping tabs of how many wins everyone gets throughout the weekend. You get various rewards from the event when it’s over based on how well you do.

MTG Arena Metagame Challenge Rewards

For the maximum rewards, you will need to make sure that you are able to get seven wins during the course of the entire MTG Arena Metagame Challenge. Though that is a fair number of wins for just a few days, you will need more than time to get those wins.

That’s because if you lose more than once during the challenge, you will be kicked from it and not allowed to participate anymore. You will then get rewards based on how many wins you were able to secure during that time so be sure to win as many matches as possible.

Each match against another real player will be in the typical best of three format where the player with at least two wins out of three rounds will be the overall winner of that particular match. You are allowed one loss in the overall matches themselves so be sure to bring your best deck.

The rewards range from zero wins all the way to the max of seven wins. Starting with zero wins, you do get a reward just for participating in the MTG Arena Metagame Challenge but it’s not much at all. You will get 500 gold just for joining the event but it’s not worth it.

This is especially true considering that the event itself costs 2,000 gold to enter. While that isn’t a ton of gold, you are potentially losing money if you don’t get any wins. The same can be said for those players who only get one win as well as they will only receive 1,000 gold for competing in the limited time event.

If you are able to get two wins, though, it isn’t a total loss as you get more than just gold. You receive 1,500 gold for getting two wins, which is less than you paid for, but you do also get a booster pack from the new Core Set 2020 expansion of cards.

From there, the rewards only get better for players who do fairly well. If you are able to get three wins, you’ll begin to truly get somewhere in the competition as you will break even money-wise by receiving 2,000 gold, which is how much you paid for the event entry, and three booster packs.

That is a solid reward alone right there but it only gets exponentially better depending on how many more wins you get. At four wins in total, you receive 2,500 gold and five booster packs from the most recent card expansion set. If you are able to get five wins, you’ll receive 3,000 gold and a whopping 10 booster packs.

Then at six wins, it jumps even further to a reward of 4,000 gold and 20 booster packs. And last but not least, if you are able to get seven wins and no more than one loss, you will receive an impressive 5,000 gold and an unbelievable 30 booster packs from Magic Core Set 2020.

On the bright side, the event itself does cost less than some other recent limited time events at 400 gems if you want to use real money or 2,000 gold if you wish to use the in-game currency. You can easily save up the required gold for the event within a few days of playing through quests and wins.

The MTG Arena Metagame Challenge will only run from Friday, July 12 through Sunday, July 14 so be sure to save up the required gold fast. Also, use the bit of time you have to get your best deck full of cards from the newest expansion ready so you don’t lose too many times and end up wasting your gold.


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