MTG Arena Jumpstart Guide

by in Magic: The Gathering Arena | Jul, 17th 2020

Magic: The Gathering’s Jumpstart series adds more cards than ever to the game in both the digital and physical games. About 500 cards were reprinted, and 37 new cards were created specifically for this set. However, these cards can’t be used in most modes. Jumpstart cards are only for Eternal Formats: Legacy, Vintage, Commander. However, we can use them in Historic in MTG Arena! So we’re going to try and help you out with a little guide to the MTG Arena Jumpstart event.

Colossal Amounts of Power for Historic – Sort Of

Perhaps the most disappointing part of this event is that you do not get to keep the cards that you pick from the event. For 400 Gems or 2000 gold, you can join in the Jumpstart event on MTG Arena, and technically we cannot provide you a guide with what to pick though. 

Why is that? There are 46 possible packs you can use, and each player gets two of them. Each of these packs has a theme – dogs, cats, dragons, elves, angels, demons, unicorns, pirates, et cetera. Not every theme pack will be the same though. There are some minor variations between them. So now that you’ve paid your gold/gems, here’s what happens.

You’ll pick one of a set of themed packs: Say, Devils, Minions, Angels. Then, you’ll get another set of themed packs to choose from. If you see the theme twice, don’t fret. Remember, there are several of these have that have variations/differences. If you happen to see the same one twice, I’d consider taking it, just for the possible synergy. 

After that, you have a 40-card deck, lands and all! For your first two wins in the Jumpstart event, you’ll a rare from the Jumpstart set as rewards. You can keep playing if you’d like beyond that, but you won’t earn further rewards. You’ll have to resign and enter again (for the same price). It also appears that you unlock the lands from playing these various decks too. So if you’re like me, and want as many different art styles as possible, consider spending a little more gold and try again.

Building Decks and Keeping Cards

The MTG Arena Jumpstart event will go on from July 16th until August 16th, and each entry is 2,000 gold or 400 gems. However, I cannot stress enough that you do not get to keep any of the packs you pick in this pseudo-draft. If you want any of the Jumpstart cards, you have to use your Wildcards, which is disappointing.

However, you don’t have to go into this completely blind. Wizards of the Coast dropped a link not too long ago that features all of the decklists for the Jumpstart themed packs. So you can click this link and keep it close to hand. When you see the decks you choose from, just glance over this quickly to see which appeals to you most. 

You can really pair these in almost any way you please, but finding the deck archetypes that fit you the best will be more enjoyable. I ran a lot of Angels/Enchantments, Lurking Predators/Devilish, and Chandra/Discarding, and saw success and salt. So while this guide does not explain to you exactly what to play in the MTG Arena Jumpstart event, we hope it gives you the knowledge you need to have the most fun.

If you keep your eyes glued to Esports Talk, we’re cooking up some decks that use some of the new Jumpstart cards that will be fun to use in the Historic Meta. We’ll try to avoid the decks used in this article unless they gain some kind of wild, ridiculous new level of power.


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