MTG Arena Giant Monsters Limited Time Event Begins This Weekend

by in Magic: The Gathering Arena | Jul, 18th 2019

Wizards of the Coast has announced that the MTG Arena Giant Monsters limited time event is kicking off this weekend. Following up on the most recent weekend event, the game isn’t slowing down as players will have a chance to construct a deck full of big monsters and duke it out.

Veteran players might remember this interesting limited time event from its last incarnation where it was known as Kibbler’s Monsters when it last appeared in Magic: The Gathering Arena. Compared to recent events like the War of the Spark Chronicles, this is a much more simplified mode.

MTG Arena Giant Monsters Event Details

As the name implies, this event is all about the large monster cards that you can summon in the game. By large, it doesn’t mean literally large cards like the giant Planeswalker cards that you can use in certain matches but instead, creature cards that cost a good bit of mana to summon.

The basic premise of this straightforward event is that giant monster cards are categorized as ones that cost four or more mana in total to summon. When you summon a creature that meets this criteria, you will be able to draw a card immediately.

This, in turn, encourages the player to play more spells and other cards that will allow them to strengthen or summon more “giant” monster cards. While not groundbreaking or overly complicated, this is an interesting and fun limited time event for players.

Players with green or black decks that have massive monsters that cost a good bit of mana will especially enjoy playing through this unique limited time event. Thankfully MTG Arena Giant Monsters is equally easy to get into as it is to understand.

Giant Monsters Limited Time Event Cost and Rewards

The MTG Arena Giant Monsters limited time event costs much less than standard weekend events as it only costs 250 gold or 50 gems to get access to it. Much less than the thousands of gold that most events of this caliber require.

You could easily save up 250 gold in a single day of play if you are able to complete your daily quests and get in some of your weekly wins. However, the low cost of entry for the event is met with equally low-end rewards. Don’t go expecting to get rich or amass a ton of booster packs from this event.

The rewards system is based on how many wins you get during the limited time event. The MTG Arena Giant Monsters event will only run through the weekend so you can only play through up to five rounds of matches. In addition, if you get more than two losses, you’ll be out of the running.

Since it’s only possible to play up to five matches in total, the rewards only go up to five wins at the maximum that a player can get during the event. If you pay the entry fee, lose three matches in a row with no wins, you will get the base reward you can get for the mode.

That base reward is 50 gold and two uncommon cards. Wizards of the Coast didn’t specify what expansions the cards will come from or if they will have a MTG Arena Giant Monsters theme to them. From there, the rewards only get better.

If you are able to secure at least one win from the event before losing, you will get 100 gold and two cards that are uncommon. Those players who are able to get two wins during the event will receive 150 gold and two cards that will be uncommon.

If you are able to get three wins during the MTG Arena Giant Monsters event, you’ll begin to break even on your initial investment with 200 gold and two cards of the uncommon rarity. It isn’t until you get four wins or more, though, that the rewards truly start to be beneficial to your collection.

At four wins during the weekend, which is an almost perfect score, you will receive 250 gold for your effort. This will make up for the gold you spent on entry alongside two cards. Unlike the previous reward tiers, though, one of these cards will be uncommon and the other will be a rare card.

Last but not least, if you are able to get five perfect wins during the five rounds without losing once, you’ll qualify for the top reward tier. You will get 300 gold in total, not only breaking even there but giving you an extra 50 gold to boot.

In addition, like the four wins reward tier, you will receive two cards for your effort with one of them being uncommon and the other being a rare card. If you’re looking to get the best out of the rewards available during this event, you will need to carefully consider your deck.

As such, we don’t recommend that you just jump in carelessly with whatever deck you normally use for matches online as that won’t do you much good here. You will need to create a deck from scratch or modify an existing deck you have to fit the theme of this event.

Since the MTG Arena Giant Monsters is all about monsters that require four or more mana to summon, we recommend that you select a great deal of monsters that fit those requirements so that you are able to benefit from the draw a card bonus.

You will also want to add in spell cards or monsters that will make summoning those creatures with four mana or more easier to accomplish. Cards that lower the required mana of dinosaurs and cards in general are recommended here. It’s also wise to include spells and monsters that can counter the fact that your opponent will also be having giant monsters on their side of the field. Board clears will be common here.

The MTG Arena Giant Monsters event will be kicking off this Friday, July 19 and will go through Sunday, July 21.


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