MTG Arena Changes Online Events in Light of Coronavirus Pandemic

by in Magic: The Gathering Arena | Mar, 18th 2020

It’s a tough time out in the world right now, and for fans of Magic, it’s no exception. With the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s very hard to get out and play at our local card shops. Luckily, MTG Arena is around, and is giving us what card game players want: More online events! With that in mind, we are glad to announce that the MTG Arena Brawlers’ Guildhall is coming back and won’t have an entry fee!

What You Can Play Online

That’s right, so many people love Brawl as a mode in MTG Arena. The MTG Arena Brawlers’ Guildhall event is back for just about a month. The fact that it has no entry fee is just icing on the cake. From March 19-April 16, Brawlers Guildhall will be playable in-game and available after the March 19 update (approximately 8 am PT).

That’s not all, either! Theros Beyond Death Ranked Draft will be playable as well in addition to the regular bi-weekly rotating Ranked Draft event. Limited Drafts like this are very popular at Friday Night Magic and other MTG events. Having the ability to do this at home more frequently is quite the boon. Also, it will help players practice and continue to get better at drafting for when the shops open again.

MTG Arena’s developers had this to say in a post on their forums with this news. “Stay safe, wash your hands, and try to avoid becoming too stir-crazy as you’re cooped up in your house for the time being. We’re continuing to explore ways to make it easier for you to keep in contact with players from your local communities as well as support your local game store, and we hope to have more info on that soon.”

You can view the full calendar here. We hope to see you out there playing card games, being safe, and enjoying what esports is available!


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