MTG Arena Cascade Constructed Event Returns This Friday

By Cody Perez

May 15, 2019


mtg arena cascade constructed

The MTG Arena Cascade Constructed event returns this Friday for the second time in the game. This is the first time that the event has released since the War of the Spark expansion, as well as the first event period since the launch of that expansion.

As such, players can expect the MTG Arena Cascade Constructed event to be even wilder than ever before. This event revolves entirely around the cascade mechanic that is a callback to long before this digital version of the game existed.

The event was created by one of the best and most popular Twitch streamers of MTG Arena Kacem “ProfessorNoxious” Khilaji. ProfessorNoxious was requested by Wizards of the Coast directly to create an event for the card game, which led to the creation of MTG Arena Cascade Constructed.

It makes sense for ProfessorNoxious to create this specific event since he is known for making weird decks that fans can watch him use in matches. Needless to say, this event that they created is pretty darn weird, too.

They took the cascade mechanic that was originally released as part of the Alara Reborn expansion from around a decade ago. It’s a rather old mechanic that hasn’t been used much since then. It is an odd one that basically allows the player to use two spells at once instead of just one.

It’s a very weird and extremely crazy ability that can shake up matches entirely, hence, why it isn’t really used much these days in the metagame. However, players will get the chance to utilize this mechanic quite a lot in the upcoming event.

MTG Arena Cascade Constructed Event Details

This limited time event, and we mean really limited, will allow players to utilize the cascade feature every single turn within the event mode. This will surely lead to some absolute insanity as players are able to do things that normally wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

As such, players will need to utilize entirely different sorts of decks to make this mechanic work well during the event mode. Thankfully, ProfessorNoxious made some useful decks for the mode the last time that we were able to participate in it during the Ravnica Allegiance expansion.

It is worth noting that this new incarnation of the MTG Arena Cascade Constructed limited time event will likely heavily feature the new War of the Sparks expansion cards. We fully expect there to be plenty of the 36 new Planeswalkers included in the event.

In addition, we expect the event to feature the new Gods-Eternal cards as well. If you are interested in checking out this event, you will want to act fast as it will only be around for a short period of time. It will begin this Friday, May 17, and will only last through May 20.

That only gives players a few short days and you will need to pay to get into the event as well. You have two options: you can pay 500 gold to get into it or, alternatively, 100 gems. Once you enter the event you’ll have to fight to survive as players can only lose twice (or win five times) before their run ends.

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