MTG and K-Swiss Team-Up For Limited Edition Gstaad ‘86: Magic Shoes

by in General | Sep, 1st 2020

K-Swiss are renowned for their comfortable tennis shoes, and now they’ve officially teamed up with MTG for a limited-edition shoe. The Gstaad ‘86: Magic is a limited shoe and was inspired by the iconic planeswalker we all know and love: Jace Beleren! To be 100% honest with you, these shoes look amazing, and we need more gaming/fashion combinations that make sense. 

K-Swiss x MTG Shoe? Sign Us Up

Both of these brands have been around for years, with MTG going on over 25 years of incredible, intense card game action. Who better to represent this Hasbro/K-Swiss partnership than Jace Beleren? He’s been the star of Magic: the Gathering for years now and has brought controversy and amazing plays to the game. Remember Jace the Mind-Sculptor? Remember how he got banned? Why? He was too strong. Too great. But we’re here to talk about happy things!

As one of the most powerful planeswalkers, this combo just makes sense. Being the spokesperson for MTG, this made him the ideal candidate for the K-Swiss Gstaad ‘86. The sneakers themselves are made with premium leather overlays and underlays, that will also have glow-in-the-dark elements to them. Now you can feel like a planeswalker, literally glowing with power! 

The leather collar lining, printed designs, rubber outsole, and extra laces are all inspired by Jace’s iconic costume. The metal lace clip-ons are modeled after Jace’s design,  and there’s a debossed Magic: the Gathering logo on the tongue, and a sublimated sockliner of Jace’s artwork reinvented in the K-Swiss style. 

However, there are only going to be 300 pairs for this special edition launch and will be exclusively available at Hasbro Pulse, for 100 dollars. The shoe will be available on September 1st, so you don’t have long! 

Now Jason just needs a pair in size 11 ½ or 12 men’s. If you could pick other planeswalkers to have a color-themed/designed shoe, who would you pick? Jason’s money would be on Tezzeret or Nicol Bolas. We do love gaming fashion, so we’re excited about the K-Swiss x MTG shoe!


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