MrBeast to Surprise MTG Arena Players With $50K in Cash

by in Magic: The Gathering Arena | Apr, 19th 2021

That’s right, MrBeast is going to be working with MTG Arena this week! Friday Night Magic has been a long-standing institution for MTG players. Players come together on Friday nights at card shops to compete for card packs, as well as pride. But what if there was some serious cash on the side? This will undoubtedly get many people playing FNM if it means MrBeast is throwing some major cash around in MTG Arena. It doesn’t matter how you play in MTG Arena either – as long as it’s in the FNM event.

$50,000 in MTG Arena Courtesy of MrBeast

MrBeast is well-known for his over-the-top stunts and incredible philanthropic endeavors. He’s given away thousands, if not millions, to make a few people’s lives just a little bit better. With 60 million followers, he’s a serious player on YouTube. This might be the most interesting yet. MrBeast is teaming up with MTG Arena to give away two players $25,000 each and some other awesome in-game content.

This will happen on April 23 for people who play in the Friday Night Magic (FNM) at Home event that day. Anyone who competes in Friday Night Magic has a chance to come into contact with MrBeast in the game. This is their opportunity to win some major cash. There are no details on how you acquire the money, but we imagine it will involve defeating MrBeast in MTG Arena. 

That means that on Friday from 11 a.m.-noon PST, you need to hop into MTG Arena, whether on a mobile phone, tablet, Windows, or macOS, it’s your chance at $25,000. Even if you’re new to Magic, this is a great time to get into the game. A brand-new expansion has dropped with Strixhaven. Plus, you could win some big money! What’s better than that? You can bet I’m going to try my hand at it!

This is a huge chance for people to win big simply for playing an excellent card game, so I’m elated to see a crossover like this come from a name like MrBeast. 


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