MrBeast’s Squid Game Courts Controversy

by in General | Nov, 17th 2021

MrBeast has done a great deal to give back to others, but his Squid Game has courted significant controversy. In Squid Game, people with crushing debt were being used and manipulated for the financial gain and entertainment of the wealthy. The idea is that the last standing player will win an enormous sum of money. MrBeast reportedly spent $2 million building his own Squid Game, leading to people attempting to cancel him. There are many critics of the reveal, many saying he missed the point. However, those people are incorrect.

MrBeast Already Uses His Wealth to Benefit Others

MrBeast suggested he would make a Squid Game event in real life if it achieved a certain amount of likes on TikTok, and not surprisingly, it happened. Sure, Squid Game was a format to show how people are kept down and offered an obscene amount of money in a risky situation. That’s how bad off so many people are.

We’ve seen quite a few hot takes on Twitter. “I keep thinking that this MUST be satire because how do you watch a show like Squid Game and immediately conclude that the VIPs were right like this apparently cost $2 million to build and is giving out $1.5 million in prizes could you not, you know, donate that money?”

That does sound bad on its face. But MrBeast is one of the most philanthropic people on YouTube and is giving back with his Squid Game. He did also ask if people wanted it to happen, and they voted in droves. He’s done a ridiculous amount of giving back to people in need. In a recent move, he fed 10,000+ families and gave away about $500,000 worth of food. So far, he’s given away over 1 million meals to people in need, with no cost to them.

There’s also TeamSeas, a movement to get 30 million pounds of trash removed from the ocean. So far, 10 million pounds have been cleaned as well. So to say that MrBeast is only doing this because he agrees with the VIPs or that he’s doing it to benefit himself seems a bit farfetched. The content creator raised $23.4 million and $15.6 million for Team Trees and Team Seas, so it seems like a bit of a reach to try and cancel MrBeast over his Squid Game IRL event. He hasn’t commented on the backlash, but there doesn’t seem to be a reason to. He’s done an incredible amount of good with the wealth he’s amassed on YouTube, and there’s a great deal of proof to prove it. There’s no reason to cancel him over this, but we can see why it may upset people on the surface. Even if he makes videos for this event, it’s unlikely that his revenue from views will come anywhere near the cost to set this event up, much less the prizes. 


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