Mr Beast Responds to 10 Million Dollar Rocket League 1v1 Wager

by in Entertainment | Jul, 9th 2020

“Money matches” are pretty common in the fighting game scene. They exist in other esports/online games, but the first time I heard about them was in Street Fighter. Typically it’s a small amount of cash, maybe 10, 50, 100 bucks. It’s a way to put a little something extra on the line. But a 10 million dollar wager? That’s what Jimmy “Mr Beast” Donaldson was challenged to in Rocket League by a pro player.

Former Mousesports Rocket League coach Lethamyr challenged Mr Beast on Twitter last week. That is an absolutely ridiculous amount of money. It’s probably a drop in the bucket for Mr Beast though. He is possibly the wealthiest streamer. Not to mention, he’s an incredible philanthropist, giving tons to charities.

But what did he say about this challenge?

Write It Up

Mr Beast isn’t exactly a pro Rocket League player. Well, he’s experimented with Rocket League, but only in the most literal way possible. He brought the game to life back in 2018. He played soccer with real-life cars and has over 15 million hits. What’s confusing about this though is Lethamyr. According to Liquipedia, he’s earned 48,175 dollars in esports.

The 10 million is 207 times more than he earned in his four years in Rocket League. So where is Lethamyr getting that kind of money? It sounds like it’s potentially a publicity stunt, or a charity event that they aren’t talking about.

Lethamyr’s challenge was posted publicly on Twitter:

“I hereby challenge @MrBeastYT to a game of Rocket League 1v1. If he can defeat me with his own 2 hands on his controller, I will pay him $10 MILLION DOLLARS. Challenge is valid for 1 week.”

This could also simply be a way for Lethamyr to raise his own stock online by creating this beef with Mr Beast. Mr Beast’s reply to the Rocket League challenge?

“Send me a contract and I’ll do it.”

Lethamyr apparently thinks Mr Beast will cheat to win, but it was said “jokingly”. This is a simply ludicrous amount and would make Mr Beast the wealthiest player in esports, in so far as we can see. However, Mr Beast does not have a gaming computer anymore! He got rid of it, so he could focus on what he loves – making Youtube videos.

Who is Mr Beast?

Jimmy “Mr Beast” Donaldson is sincerely a fascinating person. He’s gone on record to say he eventually wants to have a terrible car, and get rid of even more of the bigger things in his life. He just likes making content, and as long as he can continue to do that, he’ll probably be happy.

I’m not convinced that this 10 million dollar money match is going to go down though. No idea how this would even work anyway! If the challenge is only valid for 1 week, we’ll just have to wait until week to see what goes down.

Mr Beast is known for doing huge giveaways on Twitter and charitable endeavors. Most of his money comes from the big-money sponsorships ( Quidd, CSGO Lotto, TikTok) he acquired early in his Youtube career.

What do you think of the challenge though? Is it legit? Is it really going to go down, or is Lethamyr chasing clout? Or is it perhaps just a big stunt to raise money for charity (which isn’t the worst thing, frankly). I’m not sold on it, but I’d definitely tune in to see a 10 mil money match. Maybe that is the play! To get a massive amount of people to tune in to Rocket League.


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