Mr Beast Is Aiming To Own a League of Legends Team In The Next Few Years

by in League of Legends | Feb, 19th 2021

Could it be true? It sure seems that way! Mr Beast, one of the biggest content creators/philanthropies on YouTube is aiming to have a League of Legends team by 2022. It’s interesting to see this announcement though. He seldom has anything to do with esports. He instead makes videos revolving around wild, crazy pranks or giving away tons of stuff in philanthropic manners. But apparently, it’s one of Mr Beast’s goals to own a League of Legends team. The name for his org? Beast Gaming, of course!

“Oh Yeah, Not Even Thinking, It’s Happening.” – Mr Beast

It would be incredible to see some new blood in the League of Legends LCS scene, that’s for sure. It’s not like Mr Beast can’t afford excellent talent, either. We’d love to see who he would try and recruit. Would he pick up new, up-and-coming talent, or simply try and snipe bigger talent from other/smaller orgs? Only time will tell on that.

However, it probably won’t be for a few years. A Twitter user recently hypothesized about the Mr Beast League team, and the man himself responded:

“I just want a league team, prob won’t be for two years because I have a lot going on atm”

It’s not like Mr Beast can’t afford it or anything. He could easily pay for some of the best players in the world. Most of the endeavors Mr Beast works on are to benefit others, like Team Trees. Team Trees has raised over 20 million dollars to plant 20 million trees? That’s something that actively benefits the world. This Mr Beast League of Legends team seems to be a little more personal, but what’s wrong with that? You can imagine his players will be paid well, very well. Knowing Mr Beast the way we do via his content, we can see him picking up relatively unknown players, paying them well, and helping them grow into stars on their own. It would be easy enough to just throw millions at a big-time star, but to help someone grow, and hopefully even become the first NA Champions? That’s the dream.


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