Moth Leaves San Francisco Shock, Joins LA Gladiators

by in Overwatch | Nov, 13th 2020

One of the best supports in the Overwatch League Grant “Moth” Espe has decided to part ways with the San Francisco Shock and instead join the Los Angeles Gladiators. This, in short, is a twist no one saw coming. First of all, Moth has been competing under the San Francisco Shock banner since March 2018 and has basically won it all with the boys in grey and orange. He’s a premier support player and is widely regarded as one of the best to ever play the game. His flexibility and shotcalling pushed SFS over the finish line on many occasions throughout the past, so seeing him go for another team is quite a surprise.

A Huge Signing for LA

Moth has truly been an invaluable component of the starting line-up and has done insanely well over the last three years. He’s a back-to-back Overwatch League champion and has won numerous different playoffs along with the 2019 Overwatch World Cup (with Team USA). That’s about as rich and successful a career as you can hope for. Of course, this isn’t the end by any means but it certainly is a detour that seemingly came out of the blue. 


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