Mortal Kombat Devs NRS Are Making a Marvel Fighting Game, Claims Insider

by in Fighting Game News | Apr, 27th 2021

Marvel-themed fighting games are some of the most important staples in the FGC, with Marvel vs. Capcom 2 being one of the most influential fighting games of all time. However, Marvel superhero fighting games haven’t been doing so well in recent memory but that could be changing with the possibility of an NRS Marvel fighting game.

NRS Marvel Fighting Game Rumored

That’s right, rumors are swirling right now that there is a new NRS Marvel fighting game, developed by none other than NetherRealm Studios itself. The fabled fighting game studio behind several of the greatest series in the community might have been handed the reins to the Marvel roster.

News of this NRS Marvel fighting game comes from the known leaker Daniel Richtman (via Stealth Optional) who posted on his Patreon about the rumor. This leaker is one that has been mixed in the past, with some correct reporting in the past but there are issues with this source, for sure.

We should mention before moving further that the rumor itself is locked by a paywall as being one Richtman’s Patreon members, so that is a problem in and of itself. However, that isn’t to say that there isn’t some truth possibly to this particular rumor, but it is worth keeping in mind moving forward.

According to the leaker, the NRS Marvel fighting game is currently in development and is being targeted for the next generation of consoles, so it will likely release on PS5, Xbox Series, and PC. This does hint that it will not be released on the previous generation of PS4 and Xbox One.

Details Are Light for This Rumored Title

This is understandable as the details about the currently rumored NRS Marvel fighting game are pretty meager at this time. It is currently in production, according to the supposed leak, but this tells us that it is likely early in development if there are so few details that are available (or that the rumor is a bit off).

If this rumor is to be believed, it is possible that the NRS Marvel fighting game is early in production, so this would mean that it is no surprise that it is only coming to the new generation of consoles. It is a game that is probably meant to release a few years from now, so don’t expect any reveals too soon.

Overall, we would say that you should take this NRS Marvel fighting game leak with a hefty, hefty grain of salt for now. But the idea is a tremendous one as NetherRealm Studios is arguably the best around to make a new Marvel fighting game, after, well, what happened with Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite in 2017.

That title was mixed, to say the least, and definitely paled in comparison to its predecessors and what Marvel’s rival DC Comics was doing with the Injustice series. NetherRealm Studios took the Mortal Kombat style and transformed it into its own franchise with the Injustice series.

NetherRealm Has Already Proven Itself With the Injustice Series

Both of the games releases thus far have been critically and commercially acclaimed with huge hits for DC Comics in the gaming space. Injustice takes the superheroes you know and love, from Batman to The Flash, and then throws them in a really dark new story with some seriously brutal gameplay.

The Injustice series is surprisingly adult and dark, with an equally surprising tale that is actually pretty fascinating in both games. So much so, that DC Comics even took that premise from NetherRealm and turned it into its own successful comic book spin-off series that went beyond the games themselves.

With that huge pedigree under NetherRealm’s belt, it would make perfect sense for Marvel to approach the studio to give it a chance to do the same for its brand of superheroes. Disney and Marvel have been more open to AAA video game adaptations lately, like Marvel’s Spider-Man and the Avengers game.

The question does remain: what would NetherRealm Studios’ Marvel fighting game look like? Would it continue what Injustice did and take cues from the Mortal Kombat franchise in terms of gameplay, and then mix it up with some of the superpowers that the Marvel heroes have?

It would be fantastic to see NRS’ take on how Spider-Man could swing around the arena, how Captain America’s shield is thrown, Iron Man uses his long-range lasers, and so on. Mix that in with some fatalities of some kind, and you could have yourselves a pretty fantastic licensed fighting game.

There Are Problems With This Rumor

However, I do have a problem, personally, with seeing a grittier, more violent fighting game set in the Marvel universe, not because I don’t think it would be cool but because I don’t really see Disney allowing that. It is likely that it wouldn’t be necessarily on the level of Injustice and certainly not Mortal Kombat.

While this NRS Marvel fighting game sounds nice, there is one main problem that I have with this whole idea: it is the fact that Warner Bros. owns DC Comics and NetherRealm Studios. It is fairly simple to have your own development studio work on a franchise that is owned by another arm of your business.

But for both Marvel and Warner Bros. to be alright with a developer owned by a competitor working on a game for that property? That is a bit problematic. I wouldn’t say that it is impossible but it would be a tough pill to swallow for at least one of these parties, if not both. There is still a slim chance that this has some truth to it, so be sure to stay tuned in the future to find out, hopefully, more.


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