More and More Activision Blizzard Employees Quit Amid Legal Trouble

by in General | Sep, 22nd 2021

When it rains it pours; several high-profile employees have quit Blizzard in recent days and weeks, amid the current legal troubles. From Presidents to legal officers, we’ve seen quite a few people leave during all of these lawsuits currently knocking on Activision Blizzard’s door. It feels like every day it gets worse for the company, but it’s a problem they created for themselves. The history of “frat boy” culture and harassment has driven their employees way too far. So now, people at the top of the Blizzard food chain are jumping off the proverbial boat. 

J. Allen Brack to Chacko Sonny Among Employees Who Quit Blizzard:

Most recently, we’ve seen two pretty big names leave the company. First, Chacko Sonny, Executive Producer at Blizzard is among the employees who quit. They’re essentially the “boss” of Overwatch 2, citing he’s after “some time off.” He’s been with the company since 2016, and his leaving was announced by the current co-leaders, Jen Oneal and Mike Ybarra. They have co-leaders since President J. Allen Brack quit the company last month. 

In recent days, Blizzard’s Chief Legal Officer, Claire Hart has also resigned from her post, on September 17th, 2021. She was with the company for three years and said she experienced some “unexpected” events. This could be the host of lawsuits the company has faced about women being harassed across the company. Then there was the union rights and surveillance issues, and the company currently being investigated by the SEC. Being under federal investigation cannot possibly feel good. It’s bad enough to have Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick being subpoenaed.

There’s no telling why Brack left, but it may have to do with his ultimate response to the lawsuit allegations, but that’s speculation at best. He did call the allegations “factually incorrect, old, and out of context stories from more than a decade ago.” He’s not the only high-profile name that left last month, either. Jesse Meschuk, Head of HR also left around the same time as Brack did. Many have said that HR failed to protect women under his watch, and many more didn’t trust HR at all when they were harassed. 

It could be said that he, as head of HR helped facilitate this corporate culture, directly or indirectly. The reports made by Blizzard employees about HR were frankly, harrowing. Not every one of the employees of Blizzard that left quit. Jesse McCree, among others, was fired, perhaps for their link to events in Blizzard’s past. As far as the employees that have quit Blizzard, there’s no telling if it was to do with these recent lawsuits or not. 


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