Monstercat Teams Up With Twitch to Fast-Track Affiliate Status

by in Entertainment | Nov, 17th 2020

One of the biggest fears for streamers right now is playing music that will net them a DMCA copyright strike. The last thing a new or even established streamer wants is to start catching bans/strikes against their account suddenly. Monstercat is one of the leaders in electronic music, and they’ve teamed up with Twitch in a pretty interesting way. To those who are apart of the Monstercat Gold service, they can be fast-tracked to Affiliate, among other benefits.

In particular, claim-free music from Monstercat’s vast library of music. If you are too nervous about using Twitch’s Soundtrack system, Monstercat might be right up your alley.

What’s On Offer?

Now, existing Monstercat Gold users can already apply for this program. New users will have to be subscribed to Gold for a full 30 days to take advantage of fast-tracking to the Affiliate program in Twitch. The biggest part for us is Monstercat Gold having the music we can use on Twitch safely and easily. Monstercat Gold is individual music licensing subscription that gives its members access to thousands of songs to use in their produced content.

“We’re thrilled to extend our partnership with Twitch to provide streamers with all the perks that Monstercat Gold & Twitch’s Affiliate status have to offer,” said Gavin Johnson, Monstercat’s head of gaming. “This alignment further empowers content creators by opening access to premium music and monetization for their channel. Creating stability and support for both artists and streamers has always been a priority for Monstercat, and we’re excited to introduce these new resources with Twitch.”

Given that Monstercat has a wide variety of musical artists/genres and that you can use it claim-free in live streams and videos, it’s such a fantastic idea. Five bucks a month for having access to music that you can use worry-free is not a bad deal. It’s not like this music is low quality either. Tokyo Machine, Vicetone, and Marshmello are just a few of the artists on tap here.

Gold Members to Monstercat can also take advantage of other perks like song streams and downloads of music from Monstercat artists, on top of being able to stream on Twitch freely. Having early access to new releases, discounts at The Monstercat Shop, pre-sales for limited-edition collections, and social media (Discord, Reddit, News) is also a plus. For up-and-coming streamers, using this to fast-track the Affiliate program on Twitch is just the icing on this sweet Twitch music cake. Once you’re an affiliate, you can start earning money on Twitch and work towards Partner. If that’s your goal, consider adding Monstercat to your Twitch set-up for safe music.

You can register for Monstercat Gold here and submit your channel name for Affiliate status on Twitch. If you don’t have a Twitch account yet, you can pick yours up here. If you’re already a Monstercat Gold member, you can get this set up. Twitch will notify you in a few business days about Affiliate status. If you’re new, you have to sign up as a paying member for 30 days. Not such a big deal.

We’re genuinely excited about this news. It is a great way to get streamable music for your content without having to stress about a DMCA claim. Your in-game sounds and music, well, we can’t help you there; those are still pretty dangerous.


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