Monster Hunter Rise PC Demo Now Available on Steam

by in General | Oct, 14th 2021

Since its release earlier in March of this year, Monster Hunter Rise has enjoyed considerable success on the Nintendo Switch. The game sold over 7 million units in its lifespan so far on the popular console. Capcom’s popular monster-slaying series looked to have two lines available for Nintendo and other platforms. 

The Monster Hunter World series meant to bring the Monster Hunter series to platforms outside of the Nintendo Switch. At the same time, Switch-owners could enjoy the classic Monster Hunter gameplay with titles such as Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. The release of Monster Hunter Rise on the Switch seemed to be an adaptation of Monster Hunter World mechanics and gameplay to the Nintendo-exclusive series of Monster Hunter titles. Still, now that Monster Hunter Rise has been announced for PC, it seems that exclusivity has been thrown out the window. 

So, what are the benefits of playing Monster Hunter Rise on PC? Thankfully, the Monster Hunter Rise PC demo can answer a few of those questions. 

Monster Hunter Rise Demo – Differences and Expectations

Some of the most noticeable differences between the PC and Switch versions of Monster Hunter Rise are the uncapped framerate and improved textures for the PC version. Based on what we experienced in the demo, the game experience feels a lot smoother than what we’ve experienced on Switch. Performance gains are significant in the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise, and it’s an improved experience for those who feel uncomfortable playing games with a capped 30 FPS.

The PC version of Monster Hunter Rise supports 4k and ultrawide monitors. Unfortunately, we have neither of those available to us, so we can’t say for certain whether this hardware support creates significant change to the gameplay experience for Monster Hunter Rise. 

The Monster Hunter Rise PC demo only allows players to visit the Shrine Ruins, the first area available to hunters in Monster Hunter Rise. Players can hunt monsters and craft armor from materials gained from hunting monsters in this area, so there’s plenty of gameplay and mechanics to enjoy in the demo.

Unfortunately, it seems as though cross-play and cross-saves won’t be included in the PC release of Monster Hunter Rise, which is a shame because it would be fun to play with friends across both platforms. However, it seems as though the next expansion release for Monster Hunter Rise, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, will be available simultaneously for both PC and Nintendo Switch players, based on information available on the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak website.

Those interested in trying out Monster Hunter Rise on PC can do so through the game’s page on Steam, where the demo is now available. Monster Hunter Rise is slated to release on PC on January 12, 2022, a few months before Sunbreak. 


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