Monetized Audio Events Coming to Discord, Including a Nifty “Stage Discovery” Feature

by in General | May, 14th 2021

Discord, a chat platform that has become synonymous with VoIP as we know it, will soon start testing a brand-new feature: premium tickets for audio events. This was definitely a long time coming; we knew it would happen at some point given just how successful Clubhouse — and similar services — have been ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Such a feature will allow content creators of all kinds to create an additional source of revenue, be it through concerts, lectures, open mic nights, AMAs, or something similar. To set the stage, Discord has created an entirely new way of discovering new communities and events called Stage Discovery. As the name implies, Stage Discovery will allow you to find live audio channels and happenings in just a couple of clicks (or taps if you’re on mobile). The potential of these audio events will only be limited by our own imagination, and seeing just how big of a splash (the invite-only) Clubhouse has been able to make, it’s hard not to be hyped for what’s to come on Discord!

With over 150 million monthly users, all signs are pointing towards yet another home run for this staggeringly popular VoIP giant!

A Promising Outlook

Discord has truly been on a roll lately and has grown immensely, in no small part because of the ongoing pandemic. In fact, its user base has doubled — a silver lining in an otherwise catastrophic series of global events. So it’s only natural that big tech companies like Microsoft have been trying to acquire them for tremendous amounts of money (upwards of $10 billion). It’s still uncertain what’ll happen going forward, but Discord’s decision not to sell means they’ll remain independent for the time being, with a potential public offering still being in the cards further down the road.

Finally, if you happen to feel that Discord has transcended its original purpose (for better or worse), you can always give this interesting alternative a shot!


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