MoistCr1Tikal Signs Two More Players to Moist Esports

by in General | Sep, 3rd 2021

Moist Esports shows no sign of slowing down. After a solid 7-8 placement at this year’s Smash Ultimate Summit 3, the organization showed that they have the talent and hunger to compete at the top levels of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. MoistCr1Tikal brought a lot of attention to the tournament by co-streaming it. His co-stream led to some fun moments. In the preamble to his latest video covering Moist Esports run at Smash Ultimate Summit 3, MoistCr1Tikal admitted that Moist Esports “is branching into other, big things.” Now, we have a better idea of what those big things may be.

Introducing Moist|Moky and Moist|Hotashi

In two separate announcements on Twitter, MoistCr1Tikal debuted Moist Esports’ latest acquisitions, Moky and Hotashi. Both players show promise in their respective scenes and will definitely benefit from MoistCr1Tikal’s endorsement as the popular YouTuber boasts 3.8 billion views and eight million subscribers on YouTube. That’s a considerable audience that he can send towards a competition that hosts a Moist Esports competitor. Let’s look at who these new members are and get a better impression of them.


Moky is a rising Fox main from Ontario, Canada currently ranked 2nd on the Southern Ontario Melee Power Rankings and 14th on the MPGR for 2019. He’s won games against some of Melee’s giants such as Leffen and Plup. He has wins online against Wizzrobe, iBDW, and Hungrybox who are all competitors that sit in the top 10 of the MPGR. Moky got 9th at Smash Summit 11 after getting knocked out of the tournament by Mang0, one of the Melee gods and the winner of Smash Summit 11. He routinely places 1st in regional tournaments in Canada.


Hotashi is an anime fighting game player from Miami, Florida that’s been eating Guilty Gear STRIVE players alive online. His biggest accomplishment in Strive is beating Evil Geniuses’ SonicFox at EVO 2021 Online – North America to win the entire tournament. He’s also won Panda Gaming’s The Grand Bamboo Battle and Leffen’s Big LEVO 2 tournament. Past results in other games have seen him take 2nd place at CEOtaku 2019 and 1st at Anime Ascension 2019 for Guilty Gear Xrd.

Both competitors show that they can compete online in their respective scenes, and they have the potential to surprise competitors on LAN should they have the means to attend events. With the backing of MoistCr1Tikal and Moist Esports, it should be easier for these players to attend events and dominate. 

For Hotashi, TSB seems to be his next competitive objective. We’re not certain of what competition Moky will be at next, but there’s a possibility he may show up for the next Smash Summit and Mainstage 2021. 

Regardless, we’re looking forward to seeing more Moist Esports action and hilarious MoistCr1Tikal commentary. 


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