Moist Esports Places Top 8 at Smash Ultimate Summit 3

by in Fighting Game News | Aug, 31st 2021

It’s not often that many can say that they succeed in their first outing of competition, but esports org Moist Esports shows that’s not always the case. Smash Summit is always a unique, entertaining affair, and it’s a privilege to be able to compete. While Kola and Aaron may not have won the entire thing, their results at Smash Ultimate Summit 3 show that they and Moist Esports growing competitors who are eager to climb to the top of Smash Ultimate. Beating out organizations like Team Liquid and Spacestation Gaming, Moist Esports debuted in the loudest, wettest way possible.

The Beginning of Moist

YouTuber Cr1tikal made an announcement on his YouTube channel that he was starting an esports organization as sort of a joke. Kola reached out to Cr1tikal on Twitter in half-jest hoping to get some exposure for his nomination to compete at Smash Summit Ultimate 3.

Seeing as how Kola won all the Smash Ultimate tournaments Cr1tikal hosted, he agreed as long as Kola would be willing to include the “Moist” moniker to his name. Kola agreed, and Moist Esports was born.

However, this wasn’t the only support that Cr1tikal would provide Kola as he also chipped in some of his own money to secure Kola more votes seventeen minutes before the voting round ended. With Kola’s attendance at Smash Ultimate Summit 3 secured, the newly born org had its sights on another unsigned talent. Cr1tikal would announce via Twitter that Moist Esports’ second talent pick-up would be Aaron/dyr, who already made it to the event during the first round of voting.

Moist Esports Results

Moist|Kola and Moist|Aaron would show surprising results at Smash Ultimate Summit 3 for Moist Esports, with Aaron taking a game off of Tweek during pools and forcing the future champ to switch to Wolf during tiebreakers, as Aaron was favored in the Diddy mirror matchup. Meanwhile, Kola forced out all of Dabuz’s mains during the Gauntlet Stage to qualify for winners’ bracket, an impressive feat considering Dabuz’s PGRU ranking for 2019 in comparison to Kola’s.

Both competitors however would be knocked out of the tournament during round 3 of the losers’ bracket, with Kola knocked out by T1’s MKleo and Aaron eliminated by Counter Log Gaming’s VoiD.

What’s Next for Moist Esports?

Top 8 at one of the year’s largest Smash Ultimate competitions has to be convincing enough for Cr1tikal to continue his support for both Kola and Aaron, and with Low Tide City approaching in early October, that could give Moist Esports management enough time to work with both young competitors and make sure they’re able to attend and compete.

Kola is sure to continue competing at the local level, defending his #1 spot in Georgia. The same goes for Aaron, a player that could lock the #1 spot in Central Florida any day now.

Hopefully, this isn’t the end of the road for Moist Esports.


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