Modern Warfare/Warzone Update Significantly Nerfs the JAK-12 Shotgun

by in Call of Duty | Oct, 28th 2020

A new update is available for Call of Duty Warzone and Modern Warfare, surprise-released by Infinity Ward. If you are reading this right now, you can hop into the game and install this update to enjoy some important fixes as well as changes for the Modern Warfare JAK-12 shotgun. 

New Update Is Available for Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Warzone

The new update is available right now for both Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Warzone at the time of writing this. While it is a downloadable patch that you can get for both games, it is actually a rather small one that shouldn’t take you too long to nab.

This is one of those smaller updates that Infinity Ward has put out in the past, especially after some new content has dropped, to fix some major issues that players have had as well as address some issues with weapons, gear, and other things in the game. 

That is exactly what today’s October 28 update is all about and it fixes some of the major issues that players have had recently. But at the same time, it also takes the time to fix the Modern Warfare JAK-12 shotgun that was recently released and has been problematic ever since then. 

While this is a small update for multiplayer and battle royale, it is one that players should be happy about as it should help to balance out the experience online so that everyone is able to have a good time. Here’s what’s in this latest downloadable patch. 

Update Significantly Nerfs the Modern Warfare JAK-12 Shotgun

First and foremost, the single biggest issue that is addressed in the update today is regarding the Modern Warfare JAK-12 shotgun. This shotgun is one of the newest weapons to join the game and it has been an issue ever since it launched. 

Fortunately, Infinity Ward has recognized this problem and addressed it as the main focal point of this update. The Modern Warfare JAK-12 shotgun has been significantly nerfed quite a bit to make it much more balanced when it comes to using it in combat. 

There are three main changes that have been made to the Modern Warfare JAK-12 shotgun and all but one of them are likely to appease fans who were lamenting how powerful this shotgun was. The first of these is one that is more of cosmetic change but worth mentioning nonetheless. 

When it comes to the official description for the Modern Warfare JAK-12 shotgun, the ammo description for the frag-12 ammo will now say “slugs” to give the player a better idea of what that specific type of ammo does in combat. 

As for the other two fixes, they are much more important. The Modern Warfare JAK-12 shotgun has been nerfed to have reduced movement and aiming down the sights speed when it comes to the drum magazine of the shotgun. 

This will ensure that players are not able to aim and move as fast as they did before with the new shotgun. In addition to that, the second nerf for the Modern Warfare JAK-12 is to reduce the rate of fire when it comes to the frag ammo part of it. 

Why the New Shotgun Was an Issue

Both of these fixes for the Modern Warfare JAK-12 shotgun should ensure that it is much more balanced than it was before. Players should find that using the weapon will be a little bit slower in just about every way, which should hopefully help it to not be so overpowered.

The issues with the new shotgun began as soon as it was released as part of the Haunting of Verdansk update for the game that included the Halloween event and two new weapons. Before we even got into the game and checked it out, the description alone was problematic. 

It is not only one of the fastest shotguns around but it is automatic and has powerful ammo to boot. This is one shotgun that was clearly going to be an issue online so this nerf was no surprise at all. Fortunately, players will hopefully find that it is slower and, therefore, not as overpowered now. 

There is the chance, though, that the nerf wasn’t enough in terms of how much it slowed it down or the general power of the shotgun is just too much. We have seen multiple fixes for the same gun in the past so it wouldn’t be surprising if that happened with the JAK-12, too. 

Other Fixes in the New Update

While the Modern Warfare JAK-12 shotgun was nerfed in this update, it wasn’t the only thing that happened. There were also some general fixes for some issues that players have been dealing with. The first is for an issue where the code for Bunker 3 wasn’t functioning like it was supposed to. 

The next is a fix for the issue with the riot shield that would only happen when players had the pumpkin head for getting three or more kills with the same life. This fix means that pumpkin heads are now back in the game once again.

There is a general fix for some unspecified exploit in Zombie Royale that happened in this update. At the same time, two things have been removed from the game to fix them. The durable gas masks have been removed for the time being from Warzone. 

And the popular Snipers Only limited time mode has been removed from the game while a fix is implemented where the player was able to bring their custom loadout into the mode even though it is meant to only have sniper rifles and nothing else. 

In the meantime while a fix is figured out for the Snipers Only limited time mode, Gunfight Snipers Only 3v3 will be available as the replacement game mode. 


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