Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 4 Release Date Revealed

by in Call of Duty | Jun, 10th 2020

After some delays and patient waiting from the community, the official Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 4 release date has finally been revealed. Well, revealed again, after it was delayed from its original release date of a week ago.

New Modern Warfare Season 4 Release Date Announced

The new Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 4 release date is set for late tonight, Wednesday, June 10 for those of us in the United States Pacific time zone and back. For everyone else in Eastern, Europe, Asia and beyond, the Warzone Season 4 release date is for tomorrow, Thursday, June 11.

The Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 4 release date announcement was randomly revealed out of nowhere earlier today by the official Infinity Ward Twitter account. This sudden announcement was a bit surprising as we would have expected it to be revealed earlier in the week.

Instead, Modern Warfare developer Infinity Ward decided to surprise the players with the announcement about 12 hours before it will release. That is a nice surprise, especially for those who were hoping to play the new online multiplayer season last week.

Originally, the Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 4 release date was set for a week ago but was pushed back early last week to make sure that the focus wasn’t on the new season for those two games, but on the much more important matters going on in the United States.

Why the Release Date Was Delayed

With the protests and Black Lives Matter movement growing last week after the unjust murder of George Floyd, there were a lot of companies in the gaming industry who were stepping back and making sure that the focus was on the real-world issues, instead of what’s happening in the virtual world.

As such, there were companies like Sony, Epic Games, and even Activision who were pushing things back to make room for the conversation to solely be about what matters right now. But that delay week seemed to only happen for a single week, as gaming companies are back to normal business, for the most part, this week.

Such is the case for Activision as the new Season 4 release date was revealed for only a week later than it was going to be. But for those who were eagerly awaiting its release, this is great news as it means that new content for Modern Warfare and Warzone alike is imminent.

There is some information that we know about the new season for both of those games, but the details are still scarce at this point because neither Infinity Ward nor Activision have been announcing much of what players will experience in the long-awaited fourth season.

What We Know About Season 4

But we do know some of what will likely be in the new seasons as some leaks and rumors have been circulating for some time now. For instance, it is highly likely that we will see the fan-favorite Modern Warfare character Captain Price join multiplayer as the new playable Operator.

He will likely be the focus of the new battle pass, much like Ghost was in the previous season. Also, there should be at least one new map to play in the game, if not more like in previous seasons. We also wouldn’t be surprised to see a new game mode join the playlists either.

On the Warzone side of things, there are reportedly some major changes coming to the massive Verdansk battle royale map. According to leaks in the past, there are some secret nuke bunkers on the map that hints at a nuke going off on the map with the start of Season 4.

This leads us to believe that there will be major changes to the overall map in the battle royale game with the new season. We could see the end of certain named locations as we know them currently and even the start of some new ones, depending on what happens with this rumored tactical nuke.

Will the New Call of Duty Mobile Season Release Date Be Announced Soon?

Of course, both Modern Warfare and Warzone will experience some new cosmetic items and more in the battle pass for Season 4. Since the two games are intertwined, they will share the battle pass and progress from both titles will carry over to your progress in the other one.

Also, any new cosmetic items and skins that you purchase in either game will work in both of them, so you can show off your favorite Operators and weapon skins no matter which game you are playing at the time in the new season.

We don’t have too many details about the new Season 4 battle pass, but we do know that Captain Price will likely be unlocked through the paid version either at tier one or near the start of it so that players won’t have to wait too much longer to play as the beloved soldier.

It does remain to be seen if this announcement of the new Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 4 release date will affect Call of Duty Mobile or not. When the Season 4 release date was originally delayed last week, the announcement came at the same time as the one for the mobile title, too.

The new Call of Duty Mobile season was going to happen either last week or this week, but it was delayed as well to an unknown date. At the time of writing this, we still don’t have its new release date but this announcement likely points to it being revealed soon, hopefully, this week. Stay tuned for that.


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