Modern Warfare Update This Week Requires Multiple Downloads

by in Call of Duty | Apr, 28th 2020

Activision has released a new Call of Duty weekly blog post for players to check out. Like previous weeks, it covers most of the announcements for this week, including the new Modern Warfare update that is coming out soon. There is a lot to cover this week as there is quite a lot going on.

Activision Releases Another Huge Weekly Call of Duty Announcements Post

Activision has surprised us this week with one of the biggest weekly Call of Duty blog announcements in a long time. Though this week doesn’t necessarily mark the release of a new season for any of the games, it is still a massive one in celebration of the new Modern Warfare update and more.

This is in stark contrast to last week’s blog post that wasn’t exactly huge by any means. Yet somehow even then, Activision was able to pull out some good announcements and changes for all of the games in the Call of Duty universe and that continues this week as well.

Players have a lot to look forward to this week in the Call of Duty franchise as every single major game in the series is getting something new or changed with the start of May right around the corner. From the new Modern Warfare update to Gunsmith Customs, here’s everything you need to know this week.

How to Download Both Patches This Week for Modern Warfare

To start things off, there is a new Modern Warfare and Warzone update that is launching this week that we will cover in greater detail when it arrives and we have the patch notes. Until then, though, players should prepare for this update as it is going to be a massive one.

For some odd reason, the Modern Warfare update this week will require a whopping two separate downloads to get it. Not only is it so big in its initial download, but you are going to need to download another patch immediately after the other if you want to continue playing certain modes.

This is a little bit ridiculous, to be honest, especially when the developer Infinity Ward noted that it was working on making the patches smaller and easier to manage moving forward. Until then, we guess, you’re going to have to deal with not one but two separate update downloads this week.

Oddly enough, this week’s update isn’t nearly as large as the previous ones that we have seen but it is still big enough on its own. It also makes us wonder why it divided into two parts, instead of just one large update for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The reason behind this might be because it is also for Warzone. Both Modern Warfare and standalone Warzone battle royale players will have this huge update to download this week, not their respective platform. It is rumored to be around 15GB or so in size, so keep that in mind.

It will bring along a ton of changes for the game that we will find out more about once the update is here and live with the official patch notes. But what we do know, though, is that Warzone players will only need to download one update period.

But those of you who own Modern Warfare will need to do two: the initial update and then one that you have to manually start on your own. Whenever you try to access the multiplayer, Special Operations, or campaign after downloading the first update, you will be asked to download the second one.

Known as the Data Pack DLC, this is another huge update that you will need to download if you want to access those modes again and start blasting opponents in online multiplayer. This is a sucky situation, but there is one benefit in all of this.

During the time that you download the Data Pack DLC, you will be able to play through all of Warzone if you so choose. You can get in some matches of battle royale or Plunder while you wait for access to the other game modes in the title.

It is a bizarre way of handling things, especially on PS4 where we have had issues where playing a game online while downloading something will typically reduce the download speeds a significant amount unless we exit the online game, even with high-speed Internet.

As such, everyone should prepare for this massive update and get ready for it sometime this week, as it will be here to suck up your bandwidth and hard drive space.

Gunsmith Customs and Obsidian Camo

Enough about that Modern Warfare update, though, as we also have some new content that players can check out this week in the game. Gunsmith Customs is going to be a new feature that will be added to the game with the release of the new patch.

In this mode, you can build your weapon of choice using the blueprints that you already have access to. You’ll be able to mix and match the prints you have in your armory to create your hybrid, customized weapon with its unique look and abilities.

The only catch is that you must use blueprints for a weapon that are all built for that particular weapon, so no sharing between weapons, even if they are both assault rifles. It is an intriguing premise that could shake up the possibilities in Modern Warfare, depending on how it is handled.

For those of you who have been playing the game nonstop since launch and have unlocked just about everything in the Call of Duty game, you will be able to unlock a new weapon camo this week to show your true mastery skills.

The Obsidian weapon camo will release this week, being the latest prized weapon camo that you can earn. It will not be easy to unlock this, but those of you who have diamond and the others will be one step closer to earning this new milestone weapon camo.

We don’t have too many details on how to unlock it just yet since the update isn’t out, so keep an eye here for an upcoming guide we will have on how to unlock this for all of your weapons.

What’s New in the Modern Warfare Store

As with any new update to the game, there are new items and weapons that you can get in the credit store. First up is the new MK9 Bruen LMG weapon that you can get. There are a few different ways that you can unlock this new weapon, depending on your time and money.

The first is by getting it as part of the Encryption bundle that is now available in the credit store. Like other new weapons, you can get it there if you have the credits to spare. But if you don’t, though, there is a way that you can unlock this one for free.

You can get it by completing the challenge that is in the weapons tab of the menu. Head on over to the LMG section of the game and find the LMG Foxtrot to see this challenge and be able to complete it. It is great that Activision is giving options this time around, instead of requiring credits.

If you’re looking for some more cosmetic items this week, the awesome new Pyromaniac bundle is now available. The cosmetic items bundle comes with the new legendary Firestarter skin for Krueger, the Caldera legendary weapon blueprint, a new finishing move, flaming throwing knives for your loadout, and more.

If that isn’t enough fire for you, there is another bundle available this week called Fire Claw III. This one comes with the legendary SMG By the Toe and also a crown spray and a tiger charm. Check out these bundles while they are still in the credit store.

Warzone Gets New Contract Type

For those of you like us who prefer the battle royale-centric Warzone, there is something new this week as well. The highly regarded contract system is getting its first addition this week in the form of a new contract type and this one is as wild as it gets.

One of the unique features of the battle royale game, compared to others, is that it gives you extra content to do to earn cash in matches other than taking out other players. This is through the contracts that do stuff like ask you to capture a point or take out a specific player and so on.

Well, we have been wanting a new contract type and it isn’t any of the ones we mentioned, but it is awesome nonetheless. Most Wanted is a twist on the bounty hunter contract where you pick it up and become a target. The craziest part is that you are a target for everyone in the entire match.

That could be up to 150 players that will be hunting you down the moment you activate this mission. Everyone will likely have a general view of your location and you will suddenly have potentially dozens of players who will be gunning for your location, leading to some possibly insane moments.

So, the question remains: why would you even subject yourself to this? The money couldn’t possibly be worth it, and the best part is that you aren’t doing this for money. The reward for surviving the entire time is the ultimate reward of bringing back all of your fallen teammates.

This new contract type is highly specific and only worth doing if you are alone and everyone else is dead but great if you want to keep playing with your teammates.

Shoot the Ship Is Back

Another great thing for Warzone players is that this weekend will be a free multiplayer weekend where owners of the free standalone battle royale will have access to the online multiplayer portion. This includes the latest additions to it like Shoot the Ship.

This fan-favorite playlist is coming back for a limited time. The playlist includes the popular maps Shoot House and Shipment together in one nice package with various game modes that you can do on them. Also, there is a double XP weekend happening again this weekend.

Starting May 1 at 10 am PT and ending May 4 at 10 am, players will have double everything from normal experience to weapon XP to double the battle pass tier progression rate, and Warzone players will have access to online multiplayer during this time frame as well. Don’t miss out on this crazy and welcome time for both Modern Warfare and Warzone.

What’s New for Call of Duty Mobile

Moving away from those games for a while, we have what’s new for Call of Duty Mobile this week. As the current multiplayer season continues in the popular mobile Call of Duty title, it is gearing up for the next season by teasing us with the return of Rust.

The fan-favorite map from Modern Warfare 2 is back and features the classic close-quarters mixed with the impressive verticality that it was originally known for years ago. This is a solid map that caters to all types of play styles, so check it out while it is in the game.

Later this week as well, the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2020 will kick off in partnership with Sony Mobile. We have been wanting more competitions for Call of Duty Mobile and this one is a great one that should keep players engaged for a while. We’ll have more details on it soon.

In the meantime, the Shock RC killstreaks event is still going on but it only has a few more days left. You can earn the killstreak all season long by just reaching tier 25 in the battle pass, but the challenges and rewards surrounding it are only for a brief time. Make sure to complete them while you still can.

Black Ops 4 Changes

As always, Activision is continuing to update Black Ops 4 with new playlists for fans of that game to enjoy. This week, it is all about the double experience Hardcore Barebones Moshpit playlist. In this one, you have no Specialists or health regeneration in this crazy competitive playlist.

Not only will you get double XP in that playlist but starting April 30, players will get double the experience in Zombies and Nebulium Plasma from Zombies as well through May 7. Joining Hardcore this week in multiplayer, though, is Nuketown, Barebones Moshpit, Bolt-Action Barebones, and Mercenary Deathmatch.

Blackout, on the other hand, will have the Hot and Heavy battle royale playlist, Alcatraz Portals quads, normal quads, duos, and solos. Zombies will have the Ancient Evil playlist available to it this week, along with the aforementioned double XP, so don’t miss out.

Call of Duty League Continues

Finally, the Call of Duty League continued this past weekend with the insane Home Series Chicago event. It was an unexpected one where the popular Chicago Huntsmen were unable to defend their home.

For those of you who can’t wait two weeks for the next Home Series Weekend, there is more Live from Warzone action happening this week. Your favorite teams from the official esports league will be competing again in the battle royale mode, including Atlanta FaZe, streamer Nickmerc’s tournament, charity events, and much more.

If you like Warzone and the Call of Duty League, there is a lot to see this week while we wait for the next Home Series Weekend. Florida Mutineers, one of the top five teams in the league, hosts the next one from May 8-10. Stay tuned for our full coverage and predictions for it as we near its start next week.


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