Modern Warfare Snake Shot Gets Nerf in New Update

by in Call of Duty | May, 7th 2020

Activision is committed to releasing updates to fix problems and various exploits in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and the latest one is here on Thursday, May 7 on all platforms. It is a rather small update, but it does bring some important changes like a Modern Warfare Snake Shot nerf.

New Modern Warfare Update Is Here to Fix Issues

Players can download and install the new Modern Warfare update right now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The new update is available for the game, mainly focusing on general fixes that the game has been plagued with. It isn’t really like other updates that we’ve gotten recently for the game.

Instead of adding new content to the game or fixing bugs that are in the game, it is mainly focused on the various exploits and unfair sections of the game that players in the community have had issues with lately. Though the changes aren’t many, they are very important and worth checking out.

Of the seven changes and fixes in this update, the first one up is a really big one. It changes all of the smoke challenges that are in Modern Warfare to be better tuned and easier for players. From now on, these types of challenges should be more forgiving in general when players do them.

While this is a simple change at first for the smoke challenges, what is even better about it is that it now affects one of the challenges that is used to unlock the coveted Bruen MK9 weapon. This is one weapon that anyone can unlock in the game for free without spending anything at all.

Fixes for Smoke Challenges and Ground War Infected

But if you want to get it for free, you have to complete the challenges for it. With these general changes to the smoke challenges in Modern Warfare, it should now be a lot easier to unlock the Bruen MK9 weapon than ever before, so players might be able to possibly get it even quicker.

The next change that happened with this smaller update is that there are fixes now to prevent any vehicle exploits in the game. These were a problem in the game before with various vehicles that players were using for unfair advantages and these should no longer happen in the game.

Speaking of exploits, the next fix is also for various exploits in the game as well. But instead of being for vehicles in the game, this particular fix is all about the Ground War Infected mode. The absolutely insane take on the Ground War game mode is a popular one, to say the least.

Having huge teams of zombies trying to infect the humans and the humans trying to survive through it all is compelling and excellent. The problem, though, is that there are some exploits that have appeared in the Infected version of Ground War lately.

Snake Shot Nerf Released in This Update

This update resolved the various exploits that players were using to their advantage to survive and so on in Ground War Infected. The next fix is for game battles in general. There were some instances where players might not be able to join a new match, and that should have been fixed now.

From here, the final three fixes in this update are basically all part of the same general problem and Infinity Ward attempted to resolve the issues. We are, of course, talking about the Modern Warfare Snake Shot weapon. This is one controversial pistol that has been used a lot recently in matches.

Thankfully, this update resolves many of the problems with the Modern Warfare Snake Shot. However, at the same time, we do think that some players in the community will be split on the implementation of these changes.

Some players will be grateful for the changes that this update brings to the Snake Shot weapon, while others will lament the problems they have with it. This is standard whenever a weapon in an online multiplayer game gets nerfed to fix a major issue.

How the Snake Shot Has Changed

First and foremost, there is some general damage balancing changes that were made to the Modern Warfare Snake Shot. This nerfs the weapon significantly to ensure that it doesn’t have the almost shotgun-like qualities to it that were plaguing the game lately.

In addition to that, a bug was fixed for the Modern Warfare Snake Shot where the damage was far too high at long distances for it. This was letting players use it to cause mayhem in matches, and players who didn’t have a Snake Shot or the skill to use one were at a severe disadvantage.

This is great news for most of the community, but there will always be naysayers who aren’t happy with this nerf. But to appease some of the changes for the Snake Shot, there is reduced fire delay on the lightweight and match grade trigger attachments on all .357 caliber weapons.

This should put it more in line with the pistol that it was supposed to be before players started using it to get easy one-shot kills from fairly far distances. This is great and it is welcome that this update makes the weapon act the way it was supposed to in the game from the start.

Other Weapons Could Become Problematic in the Future

However, this doesn’t necessarily solve all of the problems with these weapons in the game. There are some concerns out there in the community that changes with the Snake Shot will just allow for other akimbo weapons to pop up and start having similar problems in the current metagame.

Hopefully, this doesn’t happen but players should be aware of this nonetheless. Stay tuned for any possible changes to the metagame that causes this to happen or any future updates to address various exploits and nerfs like the ones for the .357 Snake Shot.


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