Everything You Need to Know About Modern Warfare Shadow Company

by in Call of Duty | Jul, 31st 2020

As we near the end of Modern Warfare Season 4, Activision and Infinity Ward have announced a surprising addition to the game that will come in the next season. In Season 5, players will be introduced to a brand new third faction known as the Modern Warfare Shadow Company.

Modern Warfare Will Introduce a New Faction

If that name sounds familiar to you, well, it should if you are a Modern Warfare veteran player. The new Modern Warfare Shadow Company faction becomes the third faction in the game, from what we can tell, alongside the two already existing groups of the Coalition and Allegiance.

Since the very launch of the Modern Warfare reboot game, the Allegiance and Coalition have been the core factions available to play as in online multiplayer. Those two teams go against one another in the multiplayer matches across various maps and modes.

That is how the faction-based gameplay allows players to unlock and choose which specific Operators they want to play as for each of the two factions in the game. All of a sudden, it looks like Infinity Ward could be disrupting that with a third faction.

Or, at the very least, that is what it seems like is the case. It is hard to tell from the initial announcement of the Modern Warfare Shadow Company group that it could go a couple of different ways. Regardless, this is an exciting move that should, at the very least, affect the story behind the game massively.

Who Is the Modern Warfare Shadow Company?

Before we go any further into letting you know everything that you need to know about the Modern Warfare Shadow Company faction, it is crucial to break down who this new group is. Shadow Company is defined as the next major focus of the Modern Warfare story as it evolves.

Throughout the four seasons and the initial launch of the game, Infinity Ward has been expanding the storyline of the game by adding more characters and twists to make the lore of the game stronger. There is a full-on narrative experience that has been happening behind the scenes up until now.

Without going into too much great detail regarding the lore (that deserves its separate post), the fight with the Al-Qatala and their mysterious leader Mr. Z is still raging in the narrative. However, the fragile Armistice between the Coalition and Allegiance has fallen at this time.

Though the two organizations kept the peace to fight the terrorists, they have now started fighting amongst themselves, leading to stuff like Captain Price arriving in Season 4 to try and fix things. Now, in Season 5, the fighting continues and a new faction has arrived because of it.

The Shadow Company group is technically aligned with the Allegiance faction but only in name. They are a private military company in Verdansk with their plan and on their terms. They don’t listen to anyone and are there to get the job done in their way.

This elite private military company operates outside of the now fallen Armistice. They are tired of waiting for progress to happen between the Coalition and Captain Price’s lead. They are a splinter group that wishes to fight Mr. Z and the terrorists in Verdansk directly.

For those players who have been with the Modern Warfare franchise for years now, you might recognize this name. Shadow Company was an elite group that was introduced in Modern Warfare 2 under the command of General Shepherd after betraying Task Force 141. They are seen as some of the villains in that game, so it will be interesting to see how they turn out.

Modern Warfare Shadow Company Release Date

Players will be able to check out the Modern Warfare Shadow Company faction when the game launches its fifth season. The release date for the new season hasn’t been confirmed yet, but we know the general window of time in which it will begin.

As far as we know, the current Season 4 will end soon as we are entering the final weekend of the season this weekend. It will be a double XP weekend, which typically happens just before the end of the current one.

From what we can tell, the fourth season likely ends on Aug. 4. That seems like a day when a new season starts in the game, but more than likely, based on previous seasons, the season will end then. The new one will begin basically on Wednesday, Aug. 5.

In the past, the new season has launched with an update late at night or early in the morning. For those of us in the Pacific time zone, that could mean late on Tuesday night, but it will happen on Aug. 5. That start of Season 5 is likely when we will see how the Shadow Company will affect the game.

The new faction from Activision confirms that the third faction will be introduced in Season 5 and likely be the focus of that season’s narrative, much like Ghost, Captain Price, and others in the past seasons of battle pass. As for how the characters will affect the game and story, that is a little bit more unknown at this time.

Shadow Company Members: Lerch

What we do know about the Modern Warfare Shadow Company faction is that there are currently three members of the group. Are they technically just a squad within the Allegiance faction or something else entirely? That is unknown for now, but we know a bit about the three soldiers who call this group their home.

All three of the characters are experts in their field with some formal military training in their background, and they are ready to take charge of Verdansk and get something done. The three characters who are part of this group include Lerch, Velikan, and Roze.

Beginning with Lerch, Marcus “Lerch” Ortega is the leader of the trio of new soldiers in the game. Hailing from Plano, Texas, Lerch is a veteran of the US Marine Corps and known on the battlefield for his motivations in eliminating the enemy. He is one of those characters who has a goal and makes sure that it happens.

After leaving the Marines, Lerch wasn’t well-suited for the normal civilian lifestyle, so he entered the private military sector and became a one-man army of sorts. The Shadow Company CEO found Lerch and hired him to take any contract and deliver on the goods. His latest contract deals with everything that is happening in Verdansk while leading the other two Shadow Operators.

Velikan Description

The second of the three Operators in the Shadow Company is the mysterious Velikan. We know next to nothing about this strange character, including his real name and identity. Velikan’s full body armor protects him in combat and keeps him hidden from the world.

As such, nothing is known about this character, including who he was before joining the Shadow Company. He is the epitome of the shadow organization, being the group’s titular shadow. There are tales of his past successes and who he was, but it is hard to tell the truth from the exaggerations.

For the most part, Velikan is left alone, and few even address him behind his back. This is either out of respect or fear, as this intriguing new Operator is strange. The most striking part of Velikan’s suit is his mask over his mouth with a disgusting, almost demon-like grin.

Roze History

While we know very little about who Velikan is and why he is part of the Shadow group, we know a lot about the history of Rozlin “Roze” Helms. The only female in the trio, Roze has a more vested interest in the fighting between the Coalition and Allegiance as a former member herself.

Roze was once part of the Allegiance-aligned group, the Jackals. She came to the Shadow Company after leaving the Jackals. Before that, Roze was part of the Armed Services, a professional soldier, but eventually left that life to support her family and her sickly father, in particular.

But during that time, she kept in contact with fellow Modern Warfare Operator Mace, who himself was a private military soldier after leaving the Army after abandoning his post in protest of orders that he found illegal. Keeping contact with him ensured that she kept a foot in the door in the Verdansk battles.

This led to her eventually joining Mace in his Jackal group for the Allegiance, but she has since departed from that group to join Shadow Company with her own goals. At the same time, though, she remains on friendly terms with Mace despite leaving the Jackals.

How Will the Shadow Company Affect Gameplay?

The Modern Warfare Shadow Company faction only has three members at this time, which seems low for now, but we could easily see more added to the group in the game’s future seasons. That is something that we aren’t concerned with, but we want to know how this new group will affect the game itself.

Activision is putting a lot of focus on the new organization. Given their importance in a previous Modern Warfare title, we imagine that they will be a major part of the game in some capacity. The end of the announcement even notes that they will disrupt Verdansk when they drop in Season 5.

This vaguely tells us that something major will happen in Season 5 when the new Shadow Company group arrives in the game. At the very least, we suspect that you will be able to pick up all three Operators that we detailed here in this post.

You may not be able to get all three of them at the launch of the new season, but at least one of them will likely be the first tier Operator that you unlock if you purchase the premium version of the Season 5 battle pass. This could leave one or two more to unlock through an event or the credit store.

But more importantly than that, there is the question of how they will affect gameplay itself. We know that they are likely going to be the new Operators for players to collect, but a third faction alongside Allegiance and the Coalition certainly seems to hint at changing things.

Could it be possible that sometimes you will play on the Shadow Company side in online multiplayer against either the Allegiance Coalition and vice versa? That would be interesting, or it could even be the case where they are simply part of the Allegiance faction, which would be a lamer way of handling this awesome event.

What would be cool to see is a brand new multiplayer game mode where three teams of players are battling against one another, instead of the usual two. Perhaps they could be defending their objectives, similar to Domination, or something like that. That would be a great way to shake things up. We’ll find out soon enough in Season 5 next week.


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